The Debate on Nationalist Strategy



We have all heard the different opinions on what people believe is the best way forward for Nationalism and how Nationalists should conduct themselves. There are repeated and familiar arguments about which is the right way and which is the wrong way. My goal with this blog isn’t to advocate any specific strategy or endorse any particular opinion, my only aim is to discuss what is the best way for Nationalism to succeed?

Europe today in my honest and humble opinion, is in its current state because of the historic failure of Nationalism post 1945. That isn’t aimed at any one group in any particular country, it is just an observable reality that we all know to be true. It could be argued that after WW2 the idea of Nationalism was almost impossible to revive especially after the false propaganda that was thrown at Nationalism and I would agree to a point. However since the doors were opened to mass immigration and the mini revival of Nationalism in the 60s and 70s we have not advanced one step against the obvious agenda at play that aims at our destruction.

If Nationalism had of succeeded, then we wouldn’t be sitting here reading or writing the following words or arguing the toss on forums about what way is best and what way isn’t, it wouldn’t be a relevant topic of discussion. The reason we are talking about it, and the reason it is relevant, is because collectively Nationalism has failed the European people. It hasn’t failed because the ideology is flawed, it hasn’t failed because the message is false, far from it. Nationalism has failed because the European people have been indoctrinated on an unprecedented scale to reject it. The enemy has countered our arguement not with facts and logic, but with the power of the state, media, academia and the ability to manipulate the emotions and moral outrage of the masses. The media, government and academia have all become vehicles of anti – nationalist sentiment, and the masses have been poisoned with this endless psychological associative conditioning and propaganda. Nationalists have to understand how easy it is for the establishment to demonise our cause, and sometimes we unintentionally play right into their hands thereby doing our ourselves and our cause no favours at all. Nationalists in my opinion need to preempt what our detractors are going to say and do, and do everything possible to prove them wrong. It seems that sometimes we make their job far too easy for them. Understanding the mentality of the public is crucial to winning them over, if we turn the public against us, then we may as well all quit now. This failure to understand the public alienates us from them and it is our oppositions ability to manipulate the masses due to a thorough understanding of psychology which means they have the upper hand in terms of influencing public opinion.

Nationalism has to all intents and purposes been fighting an uphill battle for decades, and only now are we starting to make any kind of progress especially since the arrival of the Internet and the relatively easy dissemination of the Nationalist message. For years the summit that leads you to believe you have made it to the top has been in front of us, but as you look ahead, you realise you still have a long way left to go and the summit you thought you had reached was a false one. In reality Nationalism is a long long way from being in a position to make a difference despite the very obvious rise in Nationalist feeling. The only way change will come about is through power to enact change, and that power only comes about with the support of the public.

As a Nationalist, the only criticism I have of my fellow Nationalists of ALL generations and organisations, is the collective failure of us all to be prepared to meet the needs of our own people who are looking for a way out of the dystopian nightmare imposed upon them. Yes the state has a hand in the ruination of Nationalist groups, but our own incessant infighting has led to our own downfall far too many times meaning we are ill prepared to rise to the necessary challenge. The failure of Nationalism is not down to the state, it is down to us. With Europe in its current state, Nationalism should have swept aside the traitors and adopted the position of the political and ideological vanguard against the globalist destruction forced upon us. The reason we aren’t in that position is because we were not prepared to meet the challenge when it arose. This is the time for Nationalism to show that it is the way out of this mess.

With the growing Nationalist sentiment across the European continent, different groups have arisen bringing righteous anger and frustration to the streets resulting in conflict with those social misfits that make up the zombie hordes of the ‘anti fascists.’ I can fully understand the mentality of taking the message to the streets, but is it always the best strategy? What I see today across Europe is the mobilisation of white working class anger which manifests itself in understandable aggression, but can that anger and aggression can be channeled in a more productive way? The striking thing about the rise of Nationalism across Europe is the youthful nature of those taking part. These are people who see the multiracial madness and the futures they have inherited and look at the methods of the older generation and see that despite the very best of intentions, it has failed to prevent what we see today. It has failed to prevent the approaching future that awaits us and our future generations. It is because of this failure I believe they have no faith in the political process.

What Nationalism lacks is a genuine unifying leader who can inspire politically, ideologically and who can motivate people to act. Nationalism is like the high speed train with no track and no driver, it is standing still but has massive potential to take off very quickly. The movement is there waiting in the wings for something to get behind. Some of the best people I have met are Nationalists, it a cause full of people with integrity and genuine motivations to create the best of futures for our children and the future generations of whites.

A common theme at the moment is that the political avenue is dead and gone, I more than understand why people think that way, but recent electoral results across Europe and indeed America leads me to believe that politics isn’t necessarily a dead end. You only have to look at the political earthquake in America that is happening as a result of the rise of Donald Trump and the establishment reaction to it. In Germany an anti immigration party has made massive gains, the Front National in France has likewise made huge gains. These organisations may not be perfect but that isn’t the point, the point is that people are voting on anti immigration anti establishment issues, essentially they are waking up and are looking for a political alternative. There is something big on the horizon for Nationalism and I believe it will come in the form of a political success not seen in modern times.

With the increased threat of Islamic terrorism along with the very obvious Islamification of our towns and cities, the general public are going to reject the current political establishment which has not only been responsible for the Islamification and terrorism, but are totally unwilling, incapable and unable to do anything about it. The public eventually will cry out for a Nationalist political alternative and even more so the worse things get. I think part of the reason the political process has failed thus far, has been the naive belief that somehow all of this multicultural madness would just dissappear, but the realisation that it isn’t going away will lead eventually to people voting Nationalism.

As for the strategy of taking the message to the streets, as previously stated I fully understand the anger and frustration that leads to people wanting to express their disgust at the establishment treachery that has resulted in the current situation across Europe. I have said in a previous blog that I believe the best way to succeed on the street is to play to your strengths. Our strength is our message, the Nationalist message is a message of truth that is easily understood and easily delivered. The problem we engineer for ourselves is when the public don’t hear that message due to presence of the useful idiot tools of the state who prance about with their red flags and megaphones attempting to shout our message down. If as said earlier, Nationalists preempt what the useful idiots are going to do then the useful idiots can be totally cut out of the equation. They exist to shut you up and to stop the public from resonating with the Nationalist message. They fear Nationalism because they know it is the only genuine ideological worldview that appeals to the working class, that’s why they do everything possible to prevent them hearing that message. It is why they perpetuate the myth that Nationalism or ‘fascism’ is anti working class. If they have no target then they become impotent, unimportant, useless and totally insignificant and it is that what which would enrage them more than anything. As long as they have a target to scream and shout at and to attack then they are happy because it doesn’t matter how many of them are dealt with, they only care that the Nationalist message is stopped. So the strategy of taking Nationalism to the street in my opinion has to be done right to be effective. I’m sure those reading this will agree that more success has been had when a demonstration has been held with the public hearing the message and with minimal red opposition and with no running battles and bad publicity. It stands to reason that if the Nationalist message is to reach the public then we have to box clever by outfoxing the red opposition and not being enticed into their trap which leads to a failure to deliver the message.

The information war

Online activism gets a lot of criticism, but unfairly so I believe. In this new age of technology and information at the touch of a button it would be foolish to downplay the importance of the online information war which Nationalists are winning. A quick example which proves how useful a tool the Internet can be is the fact that a recent meme that took us less than 5 minutes to create, has been seen by almost 2 million people, has had thousands of likes and thousands of shares. Now that might not be considered important by some, and maybe it isn’t, however we could never hope to reach that many people without the Internet. The idea of such memes is not how many people like and share it, but how many people agree with it and how many people are given something different to think about outside of the mainstream media propaganda bubble.

The growing Nationalist support has been in no small part due to the online war that has been happening for years. Nationalists are having that much success online that the establishment are now attempting to censor the Internet in order to prevent the message reaching evermore people. If they consider it important enough to censor then online activism much be doing something right.

We live in a world dominated by a controlled and hostile mass media that pushes a narrative that is antithetical to our interests as whites. Television, radio, film, the entertainment industry etc are all advocating and promoting multiculturalism. Our people for decades have had no viable alternative media source and only now are we starting to see new platforms being created in which people can listen to Nationalist speeches, interviews and documentaries rather than the state controlled poison that is spewed out on a daily basis. It is all part of the information war that in the 21st century is as important as any other aspect of activism.

In summary, I think there is room in Nationalism for all three strategies ie political, street and online. In actual fact all three could be mutually beneficial if they could be on the same path striving to reach the same end. The most important thing for Nationalists should not be who likes who and what minor disagreements there are between groups and individuals. There are much much more important things to be worrying about and addressing. The very future of our children is at stake, surely that should be enough to put aside any differences and concentrate on the bigger picture and the much more important goal. I care not about the individual who I may not get on with, only that both our children may inherit a safe, uncorrupted and prosperous nation that honours its ancestors and which cherishes and preserves its identity.

A couple of quotes I will end with sums up how we should want to be remembered. Do we want to be remembered as the generations who saved our nations and people, or as failures who are to blame for the impending future nightmare that we won’t face, but which our descendents will face?

‘the brave do not die, their deeds live forever and call upon us to emulate their courage and devotion to duty.

The next quote alludes to what I said earlier about people voting Nationalism upon the realisation that this dystopian multiracial nightmare is not going away and especially with increased Islamification and Islamic terrorism.

‘A new party can never become effective as a mass movement before crisis comes. Until then, a new movement can only be a power house for new ideas.’ – Sir Oswald Mosley

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