The Debate on Nationalist Strategy

We have all heard the different opinions on what people believe is the best way forward for Nationalism and how Nationalists should conduct themselves. There are repeated and familiar arguments about which is the right way and which is the wrong way. My goal with this blog isn’t to advocate any specific strategy or endorseContinue reading “The Debate on Nationalist Strategy”

Nationalists Do Not Initiate Political Violence, they React to it.

It is a core foundational claim of left-wing political discourse, that Fascists violently seek to attack the working class and oppress all political opposition. This claim is false and ideologically motivated to intentionally deceive the public by painting a false picture of those who present alternative political arguments that are not accepted in the mainstreamContinue reading “Nationalists Do Not Initiate Political Violence, they React to it.”

The Future is Nationalism

A lot of posts on social media can present a vision of nothing but doom and gloom and a future we cannot avoid. This I believe is done in large part to try and shock people into waking up by showing them the worst possible future if they don’t wake up to what is goingContinue reading “The Future is Nationalism”

Racial Solidarity over Class Conflict

Leftist (Communistic) politics is about sowing the seeds of perpetual conflict among the white race whilst at the same time as they are dividing us, they support mass immigration which destroying us. They use their ‘workers of the world unite’ narrative to deceive millions into believing that their own interests are the same as thoseContinue reading “Racial Solidarity over Class Conflict”

John Tyndall examines some popular nonsense about national identity

It seems to be the silly season for defining who we are, but at least there is one good omen in the current debate about what Britishness means: the press and TV would not be focusing on the subject in the way they are presently doing were they not sensitive to underlying currents of publicContinue reading “John Tyndall examines some popular nonsense about national identity”

How to Bring Down a Nation

If you were intent on bringing down a powerful rival whose philosophy, as originally founded, was strong, independent and entirely opposite from your own a country that you would not want to confront militarily how would you go about it?  The answer is simple; orchestrate the society‚Äôs destruction from within. Although possibly taking longer thanContinue reading “How to Bring Down a Nation”