Cultural Marxist Left use Repressive Tolerance to Interrupt UKIP Conference

It is no secret that we aren’t the biggest fans of UKIP, but this ‘opposition’ to their national conference today is not what the media terms as being ‘anti-ukip’ protesters. They are far left government sponsored political thugs who employ Marcusian Repressive Tolerance against anybody and everybody who does not support Mass Immigration and theirContinue reading “Cultural Marxist Left use Repressive Tolerance to Interrupt UKIP Conference”

Antonio Gramsci’s Grand Plan

Gramsci’s Grand Plan… The New American  | July 5, 1999 | Fr. James Thornton One of the most interesting aspects of the study of history is that very often men born in the most humble of circumstances nevertheless rise up to affect the course of human history dramatically. They may be men of action orContinue reading “Antonio Gramsci’s Grand Plan”

The Critical Pedagogy Movement and Cultural Marxism

The motivational and foundational philosophical theorems of the American Left’s political, social and educational views are ‘Critical Pedagogy’ theory and ‘Cultural Marxism’. Bill Ayers is simply an influential, ‘celebrity’ advocate of these ideologies. The Critical Pedagogy Movement is coming to a school near you and it means to change the world. One child at aContinue reading “The Critical Pedagogy Movement and Cultural Marxism”

Racial Nihilism

Racial Nihilism by Richard McCulloch Life is a continuum of generations. The existence of each generation is temporary, limited in time, but the existence of the larger life of which the generation is a passing part continues through the successive generations, each succeeding and replacing its predecessor. Each generation is part of the same life,Continue reading “Racial Nihilism”

Postmodernism and Cultural Marxism

One of the key aspects of Cultural Marxism is Postmodernism: Postmodernism is opposed to civilisation and in paticular Western civilisation, and it is opposed to any truth that society has accepted as absolute truth. That could be religious or moral truths that postmodernists disagree with, and seek to discredit and destroy in the long termContinue reading “Postmodernism and Cultural Marxism”

Response for Cultural Marxists Part 2

Cultural Marxist: WE ARE A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS ANSWER: WRONG: Recent gene surveys found that even in England, if you can trace your family back to being here pre-1950, your genetic make up is likely to be an average of 75% post ice age settler. In other words we are related to the people whoContinue reading “Response for Cultural Marxists Part 2”

Katyn – Another Covered up Communist Slaughter

The Katyn Massacre, also known as the Katyn Forest Massacre (Polish: zbrodnia katyńska, ‘Katyń crime’), was a mass murder of thousands Polish military officers, policemen, intellectuals and civilian prisoners of war by Soviet NKVD, based on a proposal from Lavrentiy Beria to execute all members the Polish Officer Corps dated March 5, 1940. This officialContinue reading “Katyn – Another Covered up Communist Slaughter”

The Entire Political Establishment in Britain is Unfit for Purpose

Rotherham Council has been described as “unfit for purpose” in a report commissioned by ‘Communities Secretary’ Eric Pickles. All council leaders have subsequently resigned as a result. A bit of background information for those outside of the UK unaware of what happened in Rotherham. 1400+ young white girls were sexually abused by gangs of PakistaniContinue reading “The Entire Political Establishment in Britain is Unfit for Purpose”

Genocidal Kaufman and Hooton Plans for Germany, became the Reality for all of Western Europe

Since the end of WW2, the European continent and in particular Western European nations, have undergone a devastating demographic attack on an unprecedented scale that will lead to the indigenous European populations becoming minorities in the homelands of their ancestors by the end of this century. What is the motivation for this demographic genocide ofContinue reading “Genocidal Kaufman and Hooton Plans for Germany, became the Reality for all of Western Europe”