Psychoanalysis as a form of Jewish Subversion


(Erich) Fromm learnt about psychoanalysis in the middle of the 1920s through another Orthodox Jewish institution. In 1924 the Jewish psychoanalyst Frieda Reichmann (who Fromm later went on to marry) had opened a private psychoanalytic sanatorium in Heidelberg. As Ernst Simon (a student in Heidelberg like Fromm and Lowenthal, a teacher at the free Jewish School and an ‘outpatient’ of Frieda Reichmann’s) recalled it,

“The Jewish ‘rhythm of life’ (in the institute) was an integral part of the intellectual atmosphere of the community, which was purely Jewish. At meals, there were prayers and readings from traditional Jewish scriptures. The Sabbath and Jewish holidays were carefully observed. All of this earned the Institute the joking nickname ‘Torah-peutic Clinic.”

Ernst Simon talking about the psychoanalytic Institute in which he was a student with Fromm (Wiggerhaus).

Psychoanalysis is basically the psudeo-scientific and unproven theory that says analysing the mind can help solve mental problems. The field of psychoanalysis was totally dominated by Jews and the most well known psychoanalyst and founder of the theory was Sigmund Freud.

A basic definition of what Psychoanalysis is would be the following:

‘Psychoanalysis is the treatment of someone who has mental problems by asking them about their feelings and their past in order to try to discover what may be causing their condition.’

Dr Kevin MacDonald says in his book ‘Culture of Critique’ that:

‘It is impossible to understand psychoanalysis as a “science,” or more properly as a political movement, without taking into account the role of Judaism. Sigmund Freud is a prime example of a Jewish social scientist whose writings were influenced by his Jewish identity and his negative attributions regarding gentile culture as the source of anti-Semitism.’

Psychoanalysis was rightly considered a “Jewish science” due to its origins and the predominance of Jews practicing it. In 1906, all 17 members of the psychoanalytic movement were Jewish, and they strongly identified as Jews.

Freud and his psychoanalytic fellow travellers said that anti-semitism, aggression and fascism were due to sexual repression and the repression of sexual urges, this sexual repression was said to be a result of Christian morality. The goal of psychoanalysis then, was to end anti-semitism through ‘sexual liberation’ and the undermining of Western morality. They attempted to portray ‘anti-semitism’ as an illogical thought process which was prevalent because of sexual repression. It had nothing to do with Jewish behaviour or their subversive and damaging activities as far as they were concerned, it was all down to the repression of sexual urges.

Psychoanalysis was part of Jewish Group Evolutionary Strategy, it was used to advance Jewish interests by using false theories of sexual repression being the cause of anti-Jewish hostilities. It played a massive part in the Frankfurt School subversion of the West and even had its own institute within the Frankfurt School.

Psychoanalysis works like this:

Patient explains why he has a problem with Jews based on the overwhelming evidence of their damaging influence within his nation.

Psychoanalyst says that the patient feels this way because he isn’t having enough sex, sex is the answer, sex is the cure for the patients ‘anti-semitism.’ The psychoanalyst says that because the patient is repressed sexually he has negative thoughts about Jews.

When you apply this false logic to society as a whole and look at how sexualised Western civilisation has become, you can see how and why these influential Jews have weaponised sex into becoming a weapon of mass self-destruction. The porn industry is dominated by Jews, the highly sexualised entertainment industry is dominated by Jews, the homosexual agenda has been dominated and empowered by Jews. Indeed, Sigmund Freud himself said:

“Sexual morality is contemptible. I advocate an incomparably freer sexual life. If only Americans knew, we are bringing them the plague!”

Why would he advocate an incomparably freer sexual life which opposed what he called ‘contemptible sexual morality’ which was largely based on Christian morality? The answer is very simple, because if the West was highly sexualised and hostile to traditional morality, they would be too busy having sex to take any notice of the subversion of their culture by a hostile out-group who were dedicated to the destruction of the West.

When the West was what we might call Jew wise, it was at a time when that morality was strong, when the family unit was strong, when patriotism and racial consciousness were strong and when the West was immune to the advances of Communism and all other hostile ideas. To overcome the West, the Jews had to subvert and undermine these pillars of Western civilisation from within and psychoanalysis was part of that strategy.

This is only a brief insight into what psychoanalysis is, how it works and what its origins are. For a better understanding of it I would suggest reading ‘Culture of Critique’ by Dr Kevin McDonald.

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