Heroes of the West – Boudicca

Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni who led an indigenous Briton uprising against the Roman invaders. “She was huge of frame, terrifying of aspect, and with a harsh voice. A great mass of bright red hair fell to her knees: She wore a great twisted golden necklace, and a tunic of many colors, over which wasContinue reading “Heroes of the West – Boudicca”


How does that work? How is it that the NWO have been so succesful in creating an unwashed army of subservient nose ringed slaves out of people who perversely think of themselves as ‘rebels’. And why do those slaves attack the very people who would save them? It is not until one realises that ‘MarxistContinue reading “MARXIST SOCIALISM IS SUPERCAPITALISM”

The Myth of the Russian ‘Great Patriotic War’

World War II and the Rise of Russian Nationalism: Excerpt from Chapter 22, Secret Behind Communism. The outbreak of the Second World War, and the invasion of the Soviet Union by Germany in 1941 irreparably altered the make-up of Soviet society. Jewish involvement in the horrors of Communism was an important factor in Hitler’s desireContinue reading “The Myth of the Russian ‘Great Patriotic War’”

Labour Party offices in same building as the CPB (Communist Party of Britain)

This is Ruskin House in Croydon. Headquarters of the Croydon branch of the Labour Party, and the Communist Party of Britain. Could you imagine the outrage if a mainstream political party shared a building with a Nationalist organisation? Communism is the world champion of mass murder and human suffering, yet the Labour Party willingly sharesContinue reading “Labour Party offices in same building as the CPB (Communist Party of Britain)”

John Tyndall examines some popular nonsense about national identity

It seems to be the silly season for defining who we are, but at least there is one good omen in the current debate about what Britishness means: the press and TV would not be focusing on the subject in the way they are presently doing were they not sensitive to underlying currents of publicContinue reading “John Tyndall examines some popular nonsense about national identity”