The Media and the Emotional Manipulation of the Public

We are all well accustomed now to the images pouring out of the media showing children in situations of despair trying to reach Europe with their parents fleeing from so-called war torn nations as the media would have you believe. However the media is not presenting you with the whole story and is distorting theContinue reading “The Media and the Emotional Manipulation of the Public”

Icelandic Boycott of Israeli goods exposes sickening Jewish Hypocrisy

With the recent announcement of the boycott of Israeli goods by Reykjavik city council, it has brought the wrath of Jewish organisations down upon them with subtle threats being made and describing the boycott as being “pure hatred.” How hypocritical when you consider the Jewish calls for the worldwide boycott of Germans goods in theContinue reading “Icelandic Boycott of Israeli goods exposes sickening Jewish Hypocrisy”

Useful Idiot Left as Tools of the State

The Cultural Marxist nihilistic left are nothing but the rabid attack dogs of the state pushing and enabling the agenda of the state. The rootless zombified left love to portray themselves as being revolutionaries, when they are nothing but weak self hating conformers, enablers and facilitators of the states Genocidal and culture destroying policies. ThereContinue reading “Useful Idiot Left as Tools of the State”


If you think the situation in Syria and the entire Middle East region had not been orchestrated then you are not paying attention. This brave and well informed woman from Syria spells it out for you to more easily understand. The only thing not mentioned in the video is the Oded Yinon plan in relationContinue reading “SYRIAN GIRL: 8 Reasons Why The NWO Hates Syria! GLOBAL DOMINATION!””

Racial Solidarity over Class Conflict

Leftist (Communistic) politics is about sowing the seeds of perpetual conflict among the white race whilst at the same time as they are dividing us, they support mass immigration which destroying us. They use their ‘workers of the world unite’ narrative to deceive millions into believing that their own interests are the same as thoseContinue reading “Racial Solidarity over Class Conflict”

Today their children, tomorrow your children

The carefully selected images you are being bombarded with via the mainstream media of dead children and child refugees is no accident. It serves a purpose, which is to manipulate your emotions into demanding that more must be done whilst totally ignoring the real causes of the mass population displacement. You won’t be shown theContinue reading “Today their children, tomorrow your children”