The 2020 Race Riots: A Nationalist View

The year 2020 will go down in infamy as the year in which the majority of the planet was put into lockdown due to a supposed virus that we were told was a new deadly killer that required unheard of measures to contain it. From around the month of March much of the UK andContinue reading “The 2020 Race Riots: A Nationalist View”

Freedom of Speech Should Never Become the Victim of Individual Action.

We would never support or condone the murder of a mother of 2 children regardless of political differences. Not only does it deprive 2 children of a loving mother, but it only gives the media cause to demonise the Nationalist message. Violence only emboldens our enemies and elevates their deceit to the moral high groundContinue reading “Freedom of Speech Should Never Become the Victim of Individual Action.”

Oswald Mosley Against Jewish Behaviour

The message from Sir Oswald Mosley regarding Jews was straightforward. They opposed those Jews who put Jewish interests ahead of British interests. They opposed the Jewish interests prominent in International finance that used Britain for its own agenda. They opposed those Jews who identified as Communists and who attacked their meetings. They were against thoseContinue reading “Oswald Mosley Against Jewish Behaviour”

Race and Ethnicity

‘The traditional definition of race and ethnicity is related to biological and sociological factors respectively. Race refers to a person’s physical characteristics, such as bone structure and skin, hair, or eye color. Ethnicity, however, refers to cultural factors, including nationality, regional culture, ancestry, and language.’ Ethnicity is linked to race in the sense that beforeContinue reading “Race and Ethnicity”

Diversity DESTROYS Social Cohesion in the West

The first quote that comes up on this video (below) which is attributed to Hitler, is a reference to what Hitler called the ‘Big Lie,’ he was referring to the use of the ‘Big Lie’ by our enemies. This tactic of using the ‘Big Lie’ is still very prevelant today. We are lied to byContinue reading “Diversity DESTROYS Social Cohesion in the West”

Jewish Power is the Ability to Stop People Talking About Jewish Power

A Muslim Labour MP has been suspended from her position as a result of suggesting that Israel and its Jewish population should move to America thereby resolving the Palestinian issue. The controlled media have gone into a frenzy about ‘anti-semitism’ within the Labour party demanding that Commissar Corbyn crack down on those troublesome ‘anti-semites’. FirstContinue reading “Jewish Power is the Ability to Stop People Talking About Jewish Power”

An admission of the Cultural Marxist agenda and strategy to be employed

‘If as part of their alienation, workers cannot react to their conditions no matter how bad they get, in a rational manner, then all efforts to attain widespread class consciousness are doomed to failure. They are, that is, unless some manner can be found to affect their character structure during its formative years, to makeContinue reading “An admission of the Cultural Marxist agenda and strategy to be employed”

20 Bogus Arguments for Mass Immigration into Britain

1. Introduction This paper outlines the many myths that are put forward by the mass immigration lobby in support of the current levels of immigration and dispels each myth in turn. 2. ‘Immigration provides great economic benefit’ For many years the Labour government claimed that immigration added £6 billion a year to GDP.  However, the Continue reading “20 Bogus Arguments for Mass Immigration into Britain”

The Debate on Nationalist Strategy

We have all heard the different opinions on what people believe is the best way forward for Nationalism and how Nationalists should conduct themselves. There are repeated and familiar arguments about which is the right way and which is the wrong way. My goal with this blog isn’t to advocate any specific strategy or endorseContinue reading “The Debate on Nationalist Strategy”