The Diversity Lie in American Universities Exposed

Excerpt from the book ‘The Zionist Conspiracy’ by Dr David Duke The Big Lie of Diversity in the Ivy League: It will be exposed and thoroughly documented in the next chapter that the leading universities of the United States follow draconian, racist admissions policies that result in a massive, Jewish over-representation of mind-boggling proportions. WhenContinue reading “The Diversity Lie in American Universities Exposed”

How Britain’s 1million migrant voters could decide EU referendum

It makes a complete mockery of the idea of having a referendum when you have a large voting bloc who are always going to vote to stay in the EU. Non-British nationals from the EU having a vote on whether Britain remains in the EU? Absolute madness.

Race – A Radio Speech by Dr. Gross (transcript)

German youth! Since National Socialism took the leadership in Germany, one often hears people talking in all sorts of places about race. It was not always that way. Even two years ago, our opponents avoided the word or mocked it. The Marxist laughed if he even heard it, and those in the middle class justContinue reading “Race

A Radio Speech by Dr. Gross (transcript)”

Alfred Kinsey’s fraud and its consequences for society

       By Raquel M. Chanano Many people will be surprised to discover that what has served and is serving as the basis for public school sex education (and is even being used in many Catholic schools) has its roots in scientific fraud. Most of this could be credited to one individual: Alfred C. Kinsey, withContinue reading “Alfred Kinsey’s fraud and its consequences for society”