Race and Ethnicity


‘The traditional definition of race and ethnicity is related to biological and sociological factors respectively. Race refers to a person’s physical characteristics, such as bone structure and skin, hair, or eye color. Ethnicity, however, refers to cultural factors, including nationality, regional culture, ancestry, and language.’

Ethnicity is linked to race in the sense that before mass immigration and the imposition of multiculturalism/multiracialism, cultural traditions were linked to race. Culture is a product of the race that creates it. Race is not a social construct, society and by extension culture is a racial construct. If multiculturalism did not exist as we know it today, then the term ‘ethnicity’ wouldn’t be so shrouded in confusion because people would understand that it is just an extension of the racial identity. Our ancestors never felt the need to understand the ‘differences’ between the terms because they knew that they were undeniably linked to each other. Only now are our people questioning the differences because we no longer live in homogenous nations and are being poisoned with multiracial propaganda.

In a society being destroyed by state enforced multiculturalism, the ethnic identity of the population is no longer linked to a singular racial identity, it becomes linked to a multiracial identity in which anybody can be ‘whatever they want to be’. A Muslim from Africa living in Britain for example, in a state enforced multiracial society, would claim that he is British because the new multicultural definition of ethnicity has changed to accommodate the new society and racial groups that are forming it. It doesn’t matter to him that his cultural traditions are alien to Europe and in this example Britain, because the definition of ethnicity has changed to fit the multicultural/multiracial agenda. When you have an African say that he is ‘ethnically British,’ it is said in the multiracialist interpretation of the term. It would be like a European going to Kenya and claiming to be ethnically Kenyan because he wore the local dress and jumped up and down on the spot. The Kenyans would laugh such a fool out of the country.

Multiculturalism is imposed from the top down, and in a ‘multicultural’ society the very realities of race and culture are redefined to fit a globalist narrative that encourages people to identify ethnically with a nation and its culture, but only as part of the ‘multicultural’ or ‘multiracial’ society they have engineered and not as part of the singular racially homogenous group who see their culture as being a product of their race and therefore indistinguishable from each other.

Racial homogeneity creates a culture and therefore an ethnic identity rooted in that racial homogeneity. A heterogeneous society creates a mishmash of different races and cultures where people are encouraged to identify as whatever they want to be. An Asian man can identify as ‘ethnically German’ ONLY in a multiracial society that distorts the true meaning of the term. He would be identifying with a multiculturalist definition of what German is, but not with the true racial definition of what German is. He would also describe himself as being ethnically Chinese because he also embraces his own cultural traditions rooted in his racial homeland. So he gets to pick and choose his ‘ethnic identity’ depending on whatever environment he is in. Amongst his Asian friends he is ethnically and racially Asian, but when he is identifying with the multiculturalist definition of ethnicity he claims to be German. Germans however don’t claim to be ethnically Chinese, just because they eat a Sui Mai every now and then.

The new and redefined multiracial definition of ‘ethnicity’ is not in our interests as Europeans. This new definition has been distorted so as to accommodate, enable and facilitate the racial and cultural destruction of our European heritage. We don’t need to use the term ‘ethnicity’ as Nationalists, the only term we need to use when advocating our interests is race.

Without racial ancestry there would be no cultural identity or traditions unique to different parts of the world. You can’t just assume an ethnic identity, i wouldn’t go to Japan and claim to be ethnically Japanese nor would i expect them to regard me as such.

Race comes first, then culture, then ethnic identity. In a multiracial society anybody from anywhere in the world can identify with whatever ethnic identity they like so it becomes meaningless. Ethnicity and ethnic identity only means something when tied to the race that created it.

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