Oswald Mosley Against Jewish Behaviour


The message from Sir Oswald Mosley regarding Jews was straightforward. They opposed those Jews who put Jewish interests ahead of British interests. They opposed the Jewish interests prominent in International finance that used Britain for its own agenda. They opposed those Jews who identified as Communists and who attacked their meetings. They were against those Jews who were determined to drag Britain into a war with Germany not in the British interest, but in the Jewish interest. They opposed Jews for their behaviour not because they were Jews.

It is much the same today, it is the undeniable predominance of Jewish interests being at the core of everything detrimental to Europe and to Western civilisation that leads people to oppose them. This centuries old conflict exists for a reason, not because Gentiles are inherently ‘anti-semitic’ as they would have us believe. The Jews are not blameless. The conflict arises out of a conflict of interests and a persistent and familiar pattern of infiltration and subversion being used against European societies.

The conflicts of interest are many, a few examples would be the Israel issue. Jews want Western nations to prop up Israel and to support everything they do, they also put the interests of Israel ahead of the interests of whatever nation they are in. Another example would be multiculturalism, they support it because they feel safer in multiracial, multicultural societies and they support it because they have an historic animosity and revengeful attitude against white Christian Europe and the West due to centuries of conflict in which they want you to believe that they were the victims of Christian ‘anti-semitism’ just because they were Jews. They would never accept or consider Jewish behaviour as a motivating factor.

When they pursue their own interests as Jews and work against our interests as Europeans to achieve those Jewish goals, then conflict and hostility will manifest itself. In the mind of Mosley it wasn’t their Jewish identity that was the issue, it was their behaviour.

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