Today their children, tomorrow your children

The carefully selected images you are being bombarded with via the mainstream media of dead children and child refugees is no accident. It serves a purpose, which is to manipulate your emotions into demanding that more must be done whilst totally ignoring the real causes of the mass population displacement. You won’t be shown the boatloads of sub Saharan African men of course, because it runs counter to the narrative they want to poison you with.

Remember this, what they are doing to European/Western nations will not end well. The conditions are being created for widespread conflict in the future on OUR continent and one day it will be OUR children and grandchildren fleeing from the conflict that comes with forcing different groups together. The mass apathy being displayed by people in the West in relation to immigrants under whatever banner is seriously adding fuel to the fire which is being fanned by those traitors who are supposed to govern us.

Do you think bringing the worlds problem populations to your continent in such numbers that they eventually outnumber you is going to result in anything other than a nightmare to be inherited by our future generations?

Nature and history tell us that when different racial, cultural and religious groups are forced together then conflict eventually ensues. We see it among our own people, different religious and political beliefs leads to tension and conflict. The places these migrants are coming from are nations and continents rife with ethnic, religious and tribal conflict. Will that miraculously stop when they dominate Europe? Of course not. And who will face the problems that are now being created? Our future generations.

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