The Three Factors Which Drive the Immigration Invasion

1. The complete collapse of any sort of ordered, civilized society in Africa. As whites have been expelled from Africa, so the Third World nature of those societies has once again become dominant, resulting in the total collapse of all First World-based services, infrastructure, economy and social systems. Deprived by their own inability to growContinue reading “The Three Factors Which Drive the Immigration Invasion”

Iraqi ‘Refugee’ Admits to Raping 10 year old Austrian boy in ‘Sexual Emergency’

It isn’t very often that I struggle to find the words to express my disgust and disdain for politicians and the vile left, but this is one such time. I am struggling to comprehend how people still cannot see the true nature of those who make up the pro immigration pro refugee mindset. These peopleContinue reading “Iraqi ‘Refugee’ Admits to Raping 10 year old Austrian boy in ‘Sexual Emergency’”

Finland’s president says migrants are threatening Western values and many are not fleeing danger but just looking for an easier life 

Finland’s president has warned the migration crisis poses a serious threat to Western values and called for tougher rules to stop refugees entering Europe simply for a better life. Sauli Niinistö used his parliamentary address to criticise Geneva Conventions, saying they allowed too many people to claim asylum when they weren’t genuinely in need.

Hungarian Woman Speaks Out Against the Betrayal of European Women and is Called a ‘Racist’

According to the Women’s rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) Committee of the European Parliament it is only racism that may lead someone who sees any problem in the mass violence committed against women in Europe by migrant men. Every day there are instances of European women being subjected to sexual abuses, insults, violent actions thatContinue reading “Hungarian Woman Speaks Out Against the Betrayal of European Women and is Called a ‘Racist’”

Today their children, tomorrow your children

The carefully selected images you are being bombarded with via the mainstream media of dead children and child refugees is no accident. It serves a purpose, which is to manipulate your emotions into demanding that more must be done whilst totally ignoring the real causes of the mass population displacement. You won’t be shown theContinue reading “Today their children, tomorrow your children”