Racial Solidarity over Class Conflict


Leftist (Communistic) politics is about sowing the seeds of perpetual conflict among the white race whilst at the same time as they are dividing us, they support mass immigration which destroying us. They use their ‘workers of the world unite’ narrative to deceive millions into believing that their own interests are the same as those in some other part of the world rather than with their own people, in their own nation, creating a future for their own children in a safe and prosperous land.

For leftist politics to thrive they have to create an oppressed group and an oppressor group narrative whether it be leftist economic arguments or cultural, without this they can’t sell their political deception. Racial solidarity is the biggest threat to the Communistic narrative because it brings real unity, real cooperation and real solutions to real problems. The left don’t want solutions, unity and cooperation, they want continuous conflict, they want to ride the wave of class conflict to power. The lefts fear of racial solidarity among the white race can be seen in their spasmodic and psychotic reaction to whites organising for white interests.

Nationalism understands fully the need for the working class to be raised in equal importance to the employer. The employer is in no way whatsoever more important than the worker, both are of equal value to the nation and should work together not in the interests of profit or revolution, but in the interests of the nation and the mutual benefit of all within the nation.

Selling out your nation and race to some non-existent utopian pipe dream sold to you by deceivers and psychopaths is the epitome of stupidity.

Communistic leftism is the fantasy, the dream, the myth.

Nationalism is how it really is, how nature made it, the reality.

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