Icelandic Boycott of Israeli goods exposes sickening Jewish Hypocrisy


With the recent announcement of the boycott of Israeli goods by Reykjavik city council, it has brought the wrath of Jewish organisations down upon them with subtle threats being made and describing the boycott as being “pure hatred.” How hypocritical when you consider the Jewish calls for the worldwide boycott of Germans goods in the 1930s as a result of them having freed themselves from the Jewish yoke.


Read these quotes and try not to vomit with the levels of chutzpah:

“We urge the government of Iceland to act against this boycott. It is unfair, and it could have negative repercussions for Iceland’s good name on the international stage. We need to know what the official position of the Government of Iceland is in that regard, and what it intends to do about this boycott call.”
– Ronald Lauder, Jewish billionaire and heir to the Estee Lauder cosmetics fortune and the president of the World Jewish Congress in a press release distributed to the media by the WJC.

Earlier this week, the European Jewish Congress said it was considering legal redress over the city council measure.

“This is clearly a discriminatory move and we have already sought advice that it might break international law and treaties…”

“Once again we see one nation, over all others, subjected to a ban and boycott, and we would like to ask those that sought this boycott if it is a mere coincidence that this nation also happens to be the only Jewish nation in the world. Many have stated that they will start with Israel and then explore other situations, and none has ever gone beyond Israel,” he (Moshe Kantor) continued, calling the decision a “case of discrimination, warped hatred and singling out of one nation in the world for opprobrium. It is time for the Jewish world to fight back and let these people understand that hatred and discrimination cannot come without ramifications. There are laws and procedures which should protect a people or a nation from such moves and we will be carefully studying all possible avenues to fight this legally.” – Moshe Kantor, EJC (European Jewish Congress) president in an email to the press.

The Jews say that any boycott of Israel is “pure hatred” and as usual call it an act of ‘anti-semitism’ yet they can call for a worldwide boycott of Germany in the 30s declaring it to be a ‘holy war’ against Germany and nobody points out the double standard and nauseating hypocrisy?

Benton L. Bradberry said in his book ‘The Myth of German Villainy’ that:

“It has been said that the pen is mightier than the sword and the Jews were masters of the pen and of the written word. The Jews do not fight their wars with armies of armed men; at least, not armies of armed Jewish men. The Jews control the news, entertainment and information media, as well as banking and finance throughout Europe and America, and they fight their wars with propaganda and with their control of capital. They organize boycotts to destroy businesses in their target country. They undermine the economy of the target country through financial manipulation and by cutting off lending which no economy can do without, and they mold and inflame world opinion with manufactured news and propaganda to turn public opinion completely against the target country.”

Through their disproportionate power and influence on international media, global finance and politics, they orchastrated WW2 to serve their own interests. They demanded that action be taken against Germany and that all nations boycott them, they declared an economic war on Germany at the same time as seeking a military confrontation to destroy Germany and bring the nation back under their control. Germany today btw is a Germany that is indeed back under their control.

The fact that the Icelandic boycott has come about as a result of the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians over decades seems to have been completely ignored. It seems that ethnic cleansing, mass murder, torture and blockades are ok if it is Jews doing it, but if a nation such as Germany in the 1930s merely kicks out the destructive Jewish influence within their nation then a World War will be fought so that the Jews can continue to literally get away with murder and reinstate their financial and political control over nations.

Even today economic sanctions are used to bring nations under control, it is no different to boycotting a nation and usually it is a nation that has not conformed to the Jewish agenda. Iraq for example (as an enemy of Israel) had economic sanctions imposed upon it, Russia (having thwarted the bombing of Syria) has also had sanctions imposed upon her. Iran has had sanctions forced upon them for years as a result of Israeli propaganda about nuclear weapons of which Iran has none and Israel has hundreds. If any ‘nation’ deserved economic sanctions and regime change then it is Israel yet through their control over Western nations this is not even considered. It might have something to do with the Samson option, or for those of you who don’t know what that is, the Jewish threat to destroy Europe in a nuclear holocaust if Israel is ever seriously threatened.

The financial bullying of others is a tool of the globalist elite dominated by Jews to ensure that nations do as they are told. Going back as far as WW1 the same tactic was used to make Germany surrender and agree to the terms of the Versaille treaty. If Germany did not sign then they would be blockaded and starved into submission, this again is no different from calling for economic boycotts of a nation. During the Iraq war for example, the country was placed under blockade with no medical equipment or medicine being able to get in resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

The reason Israel and their Sayanim merchants around the world fear a boycott of Israel is because it will bring attention to the crimes they have committed which most people know absolutely nothing about. They fear that now more nations will join in the boycott and that the spotlight will fall over their actions and goals in the Middle East.

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One thought on “Icelandic Boycott of Israeli goods exposes sickening Jewish Hypocrisy

  1. Great post.

    What do zionists fear more? To lose their ‘golden calf’ and to loosen the spell on European (and American) nations.

    All the rest is pretty secondary…

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