The Gender is a ‘Social Construct’ Myth and the tragic case of David Reimer


One of the features of the Cultural Marxist assault on natural and biological realities, is the false idea that ‘gender identity is a social construct.’

Much like the false Boasian myth that says ‘race is a social construct,’ the attack on the reality of gender identity was designed to drive a wedge between male and female and the naturally assigned roles of men and women in society.

Feminism, which is another key strategy of Cultural Marxism, is based on the myth of gender identity  being socially constructed rather than being a natural construct. This leads feminists to perpetuate their victimhood narrative about the patriarchal dominated society being responsible for the oppression of women. Feminists say that gender identity and subsequently gender roles, are forced onto women by the patriarchal society when in actual fact, gender identity and specific gender roles are assigned by nature not society. Nature, not nurture, determines your gender identity.

The idea that human behaviour both behavioural and psychological are merely ‘social constructs,’ basically means that all humans are blank slates from birth, and are moulded by society to be whatever they eventually turn out to be. There are no biological or heredity explanations as far as the Cultural Marxist subversives are concerned. Only society, the environment, ‘oppression’ and ‘racism’ are ‘acceptable arguments’ to explain why society is the way it is in relation to certain groups within society.

For example, a man who identifies with the sex assigned to him at birth, and who acknowledges that in accordance with this naturally assigned identity he has a role to play as a male in society, then according to the likes of Dr John Money (more on him later), he has been moulded to think that way by society. It has nothing to do with biology according to those who say that apart from sexual organs and the reproductive system, everything is a product of society and the environment somebody is raised in, and it is this they say, which determines ones gender identity. This logic suggests that gender identity is malleable and can be moulded by society and the environment an individual is raised in. 

The same false logic is used by those who say that race is a ‘social construct,’ they say that Africans, Europeans and Asians are blank slates from birth with no biologically determined differences. The environment, society and ‘racism’ is responsible for how somebody turns out they say. This is of course absolute nonsense, there are proven biological differences between the races and sexes that are far from being explained away as results of the environment. There are also specific gender roles assigned by nature to both men and women in society. Denying this is futile, the overwhelming majority of people identify with the sex they were assigned at birth, and they go on to accept their naturally assigned gender roles and are extremely  comfortable with it. Only an extreme minority of people try and work against this natural construct, and far from being ‘proof’ that gender is a ‘social construct,’ it shows us that this extreme minority of people have psychological problems that are being used and manipulated by an ideologically motivated agenda to deconstruct society and remould it into an unnatural image. This is sickening abuse and exploitation of vulnerable people by the Cultural Marxist agenda.

You might be interested to know that the individual behind the ‘gender is a social construct’ myth was a man named Dr John William Money. He was a leading proponent of the blank slate theory and was convinced that gender was socially constructed. He was a sex researcher, pediatric psycho-endocrinologist and co-founder of the Gender Identity Clinic at Johns Hopkins, and he ‘defined’ the concepts of gender role and identity.
He was obsessed with hermaphrodism, claiming that we are all hermaphrodites psychologically from birth. As far as he was concerned, hermaphrodism was proof that we could be whatever we wanted to be as far as gender went, so long as we were raised that way from a young age.

Dr John Money

Money was also a paedophile apologist having said in a 1980 Time Magazine article titled Sexes: ‘Attacking the Last Taboo’ that:

“Childhood sexual experience such as being the partner of a relative or of an older person need not necessarily affect the child adversely.”

He also said that:

“If I were to see the case of a boy aged ten or eleven who’s intensely erotically attracted toward a man in his twenties or thirties, if the relationship is totally mutual, and the bonding is genuinely totally mutual…then I would not call it pathological in any way.” – Dr John Money

Another shocking quote from Dr John Money is the following:

“I suffered from the guilt of being a male, I wore the mark of mans vile sexuality. I wondered if the world might really be a better place for women if not only farm animals but human males also were gelded (neutered) at birth.”

The above quote is especially revealing considering that Dr John Money went on to treat a young patient by the name of Bruce Reimer in 1965 who due to urinary problems not long after birth, had an operation to be circumcised, however the operation was botched leaving the penis completely destroyed.

His parents, obviously distraught at the future their son would face without a penis, frantically sought any help that was available for their son. This led them disastrously into the clutches of Dr John Money after they had seen an interview with him on television in which he spoke about his crackpot theories of how a little boy could easily be raised as a girl with the ‘right societal conditioning’ ie raise him as a girl, and according to Money, and ‘he would be a girl.’

After watching the interview, the parents of young Bruce contacted John Money to see if he could help them in any way. This was just the opportunity he was looking for to prove his theories right. Two young boys, identical twins, one raised as a boy, and the other raised as a girl. If this experiment was successful, then his theory that gender was merely a ‘social construct’ was in business.

Money believed that the Reimer child could be taught to identify as a female through nurture, rather than as a male through nature. He believed this because he said ‘gender was a social construct’ and that gender identity was a result of ‘social learning’ and was malleable or alterable, from a young age.

At the age of 22 months, Bruce Reimer underwent ‘sex reassignment’ surgery after Money had convinced his parents that the little boy could ‘learn’ to identify as a girl. And so began the most despicable of experiments which required the worst kind of psychological abuse that not only impacted upon Bruce Reimer, who had now become ‘Brenda’ Reimer, being raised as a little girl, it impacted upon the entire family. Only in later years would it become apparent just how much it had effected them. He had also told the Reimer family to never tell Bruce that he was in fact born a male.

Things didn’t quite go to plan for John Money, after years of trying to convince Bruce that he was a girl, and after severe mental manipulation and abusive interview sessions, Bruce finally snapped and at the age of 13 threatened to commit suicide if his parents ever forced him to go back to Dr Money. Still unaware that he was in fact born a boy, Bruce, now named Brenda, was convinced that he was going insane. As a result of this his parents decided to tell him the truth about what had happened to him as a baby. This came as a relief to Bruce who no longer identified as Brenda and renamed himself David.

Far from it being Davids natural gender identity that was socially constructed, it was in fact Brenda and the false unnatural gender identity they had tried forcing him to accept that was the social construct.

It was, in fact, Brenda that was the social construct.

Did Money also expect Reimer to grow up a homosexual and to be sexually attracted to males as well as believe himself to be a female? Or would he then have claimed that Bruce, as Brenda, was a Lesbian because he was attracted to women? When he had always been a male and his false ‘female identity’ was not only socially constructed, but was ideologically motivated.


This is what the sick and twisted ideology of Cultural Marxism can do to a family, and society as a whole.

The false theories of John Money went on to be presented as fact, ie that boys could be raised as girls and ‘learn’ to identify as girld rather than boys as nature had made them. He even went on to describe what he had done to be a total success. He did this after having had no contact with the Reimer family for years, then his lies about the experiment being a success were blown apart when Bruce (now David) Reimer came forward to expose what had been done to him and his family as a result of the abuse, lies and cover up surrounding the true nature of the case.

Sadly, both Brian and Bruce went on to commit suicide. Their deaths can be blamed on John Money and his twisted theories that attempted to redesign nature.

This is what we see with the Cultural Marxist agenda, it is completely anti-nature and believes everything to be socially constructed or a product of environmental factors. They say race isn’t real and we are all the same, yet claim to support racial diversity. They say gender identity isn’t real but is a product of societal expectations, well no, it isn’t, it is nature that determines our gender identity and society adapts to nature. They say homosexuality is normal and natural when it is anything but, if everybody was homosexual then there would be no more reproduction so therefore it is unnatural as far as nature is concerned whereas the continuity of the species through heterosexual reproduction is a natural necessity.

What Cultural Marxism aims to do, is to remove the natural sense of what is right and wrong from the collective consciousness of the people of the West. Once they achieve this, they set about deconstructing society and remould it in their own dystopian image.

For more on the case of Bruce/David Reimer see the following documentary.

Dr Money and the Boy with no penis:

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