Making the Case for Racial Nationalism


Racial Nationalism is an ideology that advocates love of one’s Race with love of one’s nation and which advocates the self-determination of all Races. Racial Nationalism is pro true human diversity as nature created and intended it to be. Racial Nationalism is the protector of diversity, it is natures ideology.

Anti-Racist Internationalism with its roots in International Socialism (Communism), and what is known today as Cultural Marxism, is what can truly be called an anti-diversity and racist ideology. It seeks to eradicate what nature has created over many thousands of years. Advocates of ‘anti-racism’ are in fact multiracialists, who campaign for and support the mass importation of the worlds majority races into the homelands of the worlds true racial minority, the White European via Mass Immigration.

This is an ideological worldview that seeks to destroy the racial and cultural homogeneity of the White European people and is an ideology based on an illogical hatred of White Europeans. Anti-Racism is psychological warfare against  White Europeans as it uses Whites to work against their own interests, this is done through the Marxist indoctrination system known as academia which distorts history and biological realities to serve the overall agenda of destroying White European homogeneity.

Anti-Racism denies true diversity by pushing the false and poisonous Boasian idea that ‘race does not exist.’ This denies the biological reality of what nature created and denies the unique differences of all people who live on the planet.

One way in which you can identify the anti-racist deception, is by realising that these people push for ‘racial diversity’ by denying that race and diversity exists, doesn’t make any sense does it.

The Racial Nationalist spirit is a love of, and allegiance to Nation and Race.

The anti-racist Marxist know only allegiance to raceless class and Internationalism, which means a hatred, denial and rejection of National and Racial identity.

The Racial Nationalist believes that all National and Racial groups should have loyalty to their Nation and Race and pursue what is in their best interests as a Racial and National group. The anti-racist Marxist believes that people should reject nationhood and Racial identity in favour of a world with no borders and no Racial identity, which benefits the financial string pullers of anti-racist Marxism, ie the Jewish money men of the New World Order who also desire the eradication of the European people due to the fact that the European has always been the greatest threat to Jewish global hegemony.

Racial Nationalism is about preserving human bio-diversity, anti-racist Marxism is about destroying human bio-diversity.

The Racial Nationalist acknowledges that class divides exist, but doesn’t seek to destroy the Nation and Race in order to solve those problems.

The anti-racist Marxist says that class is the most important thing, and that for class issues to be solved requires the break up of the Race, Nation and societal structure replacing it with communism, whereas the Racial Nationalist would seek to remove class distinctions and ensure that workers are just as important as the employer in a healthy, prosperous and mutually beneficial system of Racial Cooperation.

The Racial Nationalist seeks to unite all classes of people into one homogenous group who work together for the betterment of the Nation and Race as a whole, and who want to create a society where all classes of people have a quality of life and pride in their Nation, Culture and Racial heritage and who no longer fall for the Communist trick of dividing us Racially with their oppressor/oppressed narrative.

The anti-racist Marxist wants to sell the Nation and Race out to internationalist tyranny destroying the Nation and Race in the process.

The Racial Nationalist advocates large strong families, the anti-racist Marxist seeks to destroy the family because the family is the strongest foundation of White Western civilisation.

The Racial Nationalist advocates a healthy society based on traditional values of honour, morality, decency, loyalty and integrity.

The anti-racist Marxist advocates an unhealthy society based on destroying traditional values of honour, morality, decency, loyalty and integrity.

The Racial Nationalist believes in truthful history, the anti-racist Marxist distorts history to advance his own goals.

The Racial Nationalist is the future, the anti-racist Marxist knows it.

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