England, whose England?

An interesting 2 part documentary about the first waves of mass non-white immigration into Britain, and how the British people were far from happy about it. If only they could see what has come of Britain since the days when they were being subjected to orchestrated mass immigration. Centuries old white working class communities wereContinue reading “England, whose England?”

Will Jews regret their Open Immigration policies? Dr William Pierce

This video is a must watch and share, it details a document written by Jewish Supremacist Steven Steinlight in which he speaks about Jewish ‘special privileges,’ control of Media and Hollywood etc. He also speaks about the problems Jews will face in America once whites are no longer the majority due to mass non-European immigrationContinue reading “Will Jews regret their Open Immigration policies? Dr William Pierce”

The Future of Europe and Your Children

This is a very very powerful video which really does show what the future is for our people. What is happening in White European nations is now self-evident to those people clever enough to see through the lies of the left, the media and government. They can no longer hide what they have done, itContinue reading “The Future of Europe and Your Children”

Jewish Attorney and Far Left Politician Celebrates White Genocide in Germany

Gregor Gysi is a Jewish attorney and key politician of the political party The Left (Die Linke), a party which emerged in parts from the old East German communist party, the Socialist Unity Party of Germany. In this video he celebrates the fact that the indigenous German population is in decline describing it as “fortunate” that more Germans are dyingContinue reading “Jewish Attorney and Far Left Politician Celebrates White Genocide in Germany”

London Has Fallen? You Can Say That Again

A new film is due to be released in 2016 called ‘London Has Fallen,’ so we decided to add our own wording to one of the posters for the new film. In the real world, London has indeed fallen, but not as some Hollywood film script would have it. No, London has fallen to politicalContinue reading “London Has Fallen? You Can Say That Again”

To all Europeans !

The same parasitic Usury merchants who control the banks and financially enslave people and nations, are the SAME parasitic Usury merchants who control politicians and who in turn impose mass immigration onto your nations. The goal is financial control of ALL people and nations and the eradication of the only race of people to haveContinue reading “To all Europeans !”

‘Study’ encourages and promotes Miscegenation and White Genocide

What this ‘study’ is telling you, is not to have white children, because white children are ‘inferior’ to mixed race children. Not only is this absolute nonsense, but it is blatant incitement to White Genocide via the promotion of miscegenation. This isn’t a scientific study, and more fool anybody who thinks that it is, thisContinue reading “‘Study’ encourages and promotes Miscegenation and White Genocide”