Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs

This is an excellent video exposing the lunacy of mass immigration and the intentionally deceptive arguments in favour of it. When people believe that they can alleviate world poverty and help the millions fleeing war they forget that the West cannot physically accommodate these people and even if we could, why would we want toContinue reading “Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs”

Will Jews regret their Open Immigration policies? Dr William Pierce

This video is a must watch and share, it details a document written by Jewish Supremacist Steven Steinlight in which he speaks about Jewish ‘special privileges,’ control of Media and Hollywood etc. He also speaks about the problems Jews will face in America once whites are no longer the majority due to mass non-European immigrationContinue reading “Will Jews regret their Open Immigration policies? Dr William Pierce”

The Future of Europe and Your Children

This is a very very powerful video which really does show what the future is for our people. What is happening in White European nations is now self-evident to those people clever enough to see through the lies of the left, the media and government. They can no longer hide what they have done, itContinue reading “The Future of Europe and Your Children”

David the Nationalist Vs John the Liberal

Once upon a time David the Nationalist was writing an essay in his bedroom when a cat jumped up on his desk and started walking all over the keyboard. He was startled and annoyed, and took the cat outside. The next night he was again working on his essay, and this time two cats jumpedContinue reading “David the Nationalist Vs John the Liberal”

The End Game – Full White Genocide (Video)

This video is vitally important for whites everywhere. It needs to be shared far and wide so that it achieves maximum exposure. White Genocide is not a myth, it is a devastating reality, and is it explains in the video, it is NOT by accident, it has all been by design. You wouldn’t accidentally makeContinue reading “The End Game – Full White Genocide (Video)”

The Entire Political Establishment in Britain is Unfit for Purpose

Rotherham Council has been described as “unfit for purpose” in a report commissioned by ‘Communities Secretary’ Eric Pickles. All council leaders have subsequently resigned as a result. A bit of background information for those outside of the UK unaware of what happened in Rotherham. 1400+ young white girls were sexually abused by gangs of PakistaniContinue reading “The Entire Political Establishment in Britain is Unfit for Purpose”