Jewish Power is the Ability to Stop People Talking About Jewish Power

A Muslim Labour MP has been suspended from her position as a result of suggesting that Israel and its Jewish population should move to America thereby resolving the Palestinian issue. The controlled media have gone into a frenzy about ‘anti-semitism’ within the Labour party demanding that Commissar Corbyn crack down on those troublesome ‘anti-semites’. FirstContinue reading “Jewish Power is the Ability to Stop People Talking About Jewish Power”

A planned invasion of Western Christendom? Who would want such a thing?

Michele Bachmann, is an American Republican politician and a former member of the United States House of Representatives. She has spoken candidly, and somewhat selectively, about her belief that mass Islamic immigration is an attack upon and a planned invasion of Western Christendom. To a large extent this is true, but it is far from beingContinue reading “A planned invasion of Western Christendom? Who would want such a thing?”

Who runs Hollywood? C’mon

December 19, 2008 JOEL STEIN I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe “the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews,” down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers aContinue reading “Who runs Hollywood? C’mon”

No future for Jews in Europe? What about the future of Europeans in Europe?

Avraham Guigui the Brussels Chief Rabbi has said that: “There has been aliyah to Israel as well as emigration to Canada and the US. People understand there is no future for Jews in Europe.” Never mind the future of Jews in Europe, what about the future of Europeans in our own homelands?

England, whose England?

An interesting 2 part documentary about the first waves of mass non-white immigration into Britain, and how the British people were far from happy about it. If only they could see what has come of Britain since the days when they were being subjected to orchestrated mass immigration. Centuries old white working class communities wereContinue reading “England, whose England?”

Will Jews regret their Open Immigration policies? Dr William Pierce

This video is a must watch and share, it details a document written by Jewish Supremacist Steven Steinlight in which he speaks about Jewish ‘special privileges,’ control of Media and Hollywood etc. He also speaks about the problems Jews will face in America once whites are no longer the majority due to mass non-European immigrationContinue reading “Will Jews regret their Open Immigration policies? Dr William Pierce”


How does that work? How is it that the NWO have been so succesful in creating an unwashed army of subservient nose ringed slaves out of people who perversely think of themselves as ‘rebels’. And why do those slaves attack the very people who would save them? It is not until one realises that ‘MarxistContinue reading “MARXIST SOCIALISM IS SUPERCAPITALISM”

Judeo-Boasian Anthropology is Subversive and Psychological Racial Warfare

“There has always been a lively, if sometimes hushed, inhouse discourse about American anthropology’s Jewish origins and their meaning. The preponderance of Jewish intellectuals in the early years of Boasian Anthropology and the Jewish identities of anthropologists in subsequent generations have been downplayed in standard histories of the discipline. This essay brings together strands ofContinue reading “Judeo-Boasian Anthropology is Subversive and Psychological Racial Warfare”