Indoctrinated to hate whites, so shot three white women

He was black and angry. They were white and guilty, just the way he learned in school. So he shot them. That’s the evidence that has emerged from the Atlanta trial of Nkosi Thandiwe, who has been sentenced to life in prison plus 65 years for shooting three white girls last year. One died, oneContinue reading “Indoctrinated to hate whites, so shot three white women”

“Indoctrinate U” How Universities Suppress Freedom of Speech

This is a very good documentary to watch giving an excellent insight into how universities whether they be in America or Europe or anywhere in the Western world, have become Cultural Marxist indoctrination centres which certainly do not practice what they preach in terms of demanding ‘tolerance.’ Behind the scenes they are seriously damaging theContinue reading ““Indoctrinate U” How Universities Suppress Freedom of Speech”

Deracinationism and Cultural Marxism

What is Deracinationism? Deracination ideology is about deconstructing race. It is about nullifying the effects of belonging and Völkerhass in order to bring about a unification of all mankind. It is about teaching it out of people. Deracination ideology is the major content of Political correctness. Deracination is about making the raceless, cosmopolitan man. ItContinue reading “Deracinationism and Cultural Marxism”

The Critical Pedagogy Movement and Cultural Marxism

The motivational and foundational philosophical theorems of the American Left’s political, social and educational views are ‘Critical Pedagogy’ theory and ‘Cultural Marxism’. Bill Ayers is simply an influential, ‘celebrity’ advocate of these ideologies. The Critical Pedagogy Movement is coming to a school near you and it means to change the world. One child at aContinue reading “The Critical Pedagogy Movement and Cultural Marxism”