The 2020 Race Riots: A Nationalist View

The year 2020 will go down in infamy as the year in which the majority of the planet was put into lockdown due to a supposed virus that we were told was a new deadly killer that required unheard of measures to contain it.

From around the month of March much of the UK and other countries were put into almost total lockdown. We were prohibited from going about our normal daily lives. People couldn’t go to work, they couldn’t mingle with friends and family. Shops were closed, sports centres were closed, we effectively became prisoners in our own homes and people died in hospitals without their families by their sides.

The media, the political elite and the left went into a frenzy of publically shaming anyone who dared to go against lockdown rules and the new Covid-19 legislation. The left in particular – never ones to miss an opportunity – wanted the lockdown to continue so as to weaken the tory government in the UK and the Trump administration in the US. The left saw the lockdown and the economic armageddon that was to come as something that they could capitalise on in much the same way as they view open borders mass immigration being an opportunity to advance their ideological ambitions. Hence the reason they both promote and support mass immigration and why they wanted the lockdown to continue.

And then came George Floyd.

Once the incident with George Floyd had occurred and the ensuing outrage had reached its boiling point, the lockdown puritans ripped up the rulebook and all of a sudden it was deemed okay for thousands upon thousands to gather together to not only protest, but to riot, burn buildings down and beat up white people not to mention the slaying of other black people by ‘black lives matter’ activists and supporters.

No longer was there any requirement to adhere to the Orwellian dictates of the state. Why? Because the advancement of the Cultural Marxist revolution overrides the health of millions. The Covid-19 pandemic was a politically incorrect virus. Its consequences soon became unimportant when the bigger and better ideological opportunity for the perpetuation of racial strife presented itself. The left abandoned their hand sanitizer and picked up their bricks and molotov cocktails as they once again took up and resumed their anti-white crusade.

So yes, 2020 certainly will be remembered by future generations and it is for our posterity that as many Nationalist accounts of events be heard so as to counter the overwhelming biased narrative presented by the mainstream media and the left.

The scenes in America which have spread across Europe are reminiscent of so many other race riots across the decades. In every single case race has been the motivating factor. You would think by now that people would realise that there is an obvious flaw in the idea that racial diversity is some sort of strength. However the lie is still perpetuated and swallowed by so many of our people despite the clearly obvious warnings of impending catastrophe in the decades ahead.

Race is an extremely divisive reality that our people refuse to acknowledge. What we have seen is an entirely natural consequence of forcing different racial groups together. There will always be conflicts of interest and demands of one group to submit to the demands of the other. There will always be incidents of racial grievance that lead to riots and societal discord. We will never stop that. It happens because it is the nature of human beings to be tribal and to pursue their own best interests at the expense of others. Currently our own people have been brainwashed to bypass this natural instinctive reaction but eventually there will be a recentering of the collective pysche and our people will realise that we have interests as a group.

What happened to George Floyd is not unique in or to America. Many people die at the hands of police in that country both black and white as they do in the UK, Australia, Canada and in any country with a multiracial society. In actual fact you are more likely to die at the hands of the police if you are white and in terms of cross racial crime the statistics are incontrovertible, whites are vastly more likely to be victims of cross racial violent crime however this is never mentioned nor is it something the majority of whites know about or understand when it comes to percentages of the population and crime.

The narrative the media and the left pushes is false and intentionally so. Their narrative is designed to whip up the black community into revolutionary fervour against the hated white society that they live in. Essentially the black community are being used as pawns in the Cultural Marxists game of societal and civilisational deconstruction.

A bit of historical context is needed here to hammer home the point.

Cultural Marxism is a term largely not understood and many people will still not be aware of how Cultural Marxism inspired by the Frankfurt School sought to use minorities against the West as a revolutionary battering ram.

We have written about this many times over the years and so I’ll be as brief as possible.

Karl Marx had predicted that the working class masses across Europe and the West would reject patriotism and would not take up arms against each other preferring to join in an international revolution against capitalism. His prediction didn’t materialise as expected as millions of working class men went to war against each other in the spirit of patriotism.

[They were manipulated into fighting each other however that is another article.]

The point is to understand why and how minorities are being used against us. As a result of the working class masses rejecting the revolutionary advances of Communism and in many cases fighting against Communists to protect their nations, they were considered to be unreliable revolutionaries. They couldn’t be relied upon to advance the revolution because of their ‘false consciousness’ which was rooted in the cultural hegemony of the West which it was said kept the working class masses from understanding their true class interests or consciousness.

Therefore leading Communist academics set upon an alternative strategy to win over the West for Communism. If the workers would not fight for Communism then more reliable revolutionaries needed to be imported. This was the embryonic beginnings of what was to become Cultural Marxism a transformation of classical Marxism designed to target the cultural hegemony of Western Civilisation replacing that hegemony with their own.

They couldn’t just import Europeans from other European nations who were culturally and ethnically the same, they had to make sure that our borders were opened up to the entire world to populations which they knew they could manipulate with historical grievances against the host society. These people were to become the new revolutionaries and this is exactly what you’re seeing on the streets of Western towns and cities today whether it be in American cities or in European cities.

Other minority groups also needed to be empowered against society including homosexuals, feminists and other strategical tools of societal deconstruction in what was to become a multifaceted assault upon on our civilisation.

In short, the presence of non-whites in the West is not about diversity or enrichment it is about fomenting revolutionary change and obtaining political hegemony through block voting in demographically colonised areas London being a prime example. It is about weaponising minority groups against society in order to bring it down.

What’s happening in America and Europe is this Cultural Marxist agenda and strategy happening in realtime. The marauding black gangs and their leftist allies are exactly what the transformational Marxists of the Frankfurt School wanted to achieve in the West after the failure of the working class to take up the armed Communist revolution. The West had to be subverted from within rather than overthrown physically via armed insurrection. The working classes had to be subverted, indoctrinated and psychologically turned against themselves and they also had to be replaced and engineered into the minority in their own homelands in the pursuit of the downfall of Western Civilisation. A strong and homogenous Europe with nations of racially conscious people would never allow such a situation to arise hence the targeting of that homogeneity through forced mass immigration and racial consciousness through relentless academic brainwashing.

What we have seen with the toppling of statues and the weak appeasement of the mob by a common purpose Cultural Marxist political police force is akin to what happens when a defeated people is occupied by an enemy force. Statues being taken down, people begging for forgiveness, graffiti daubed over monuments to war dead, white people being brutally assaulted because they’re white. In what sort of society are such things allowed to happen? Whilst the mob and their Cultural Marxist enablers run riot the weak police take a knee. They seem more concerned with prancing around with rainbow flags with whistles proclaiming ‘happy pride’ than they are with upholding the law in the face of violent revolutionary thugs.

During the lockdown the police were very quick to aggressively enforce Covid-19 legislation but only against whites. Huge gatherings of Muslims were widely reported yet no police attended to disperse them or to issue their fines. Yet an elderly white lady sitting on a bench minding her business was arrested for breaching lockdown rules. When the BLM and Antifa inspired race riots started then the same police who screamed in the faces of white people because they dared to record their totalitarian actions became weak and politically correct feeble clowns. The lockdown hysteria soon dissipated and the handing out of fines stopped as they took a knee in front of people clearly breaking the law.

If we were to make an analogous comparison between the supposed Covid-19 virus and multiculturalism then the similarities would be marked. Extreme measures were taken to control the virus and these measures became enshrined in law. The people were to be compelled to stay at home and the police were given special powers to ensure that this happened. Multiculturalism also needs extreme measures for it to be imposed on society. Hate speech laws are created and the police are used to suppress dissenting views and opinions. The police have to be militarised due to the violent nature of multicultural and multiethnic societies. So just as a killer virus needs to be controlled by repressive state legislation and police action, so does multiculturalism need to be imposed using repressive state legislation and a politicised police force. The other obvious comparison between a virus and multiculturalism speaks for itself. A virus makes the human body sick as does forced multiculturalism make a nation sick.

What we are seeing in the West today is the next phase in the cultural war which incorporates demographic war and psychological war being waged against only one group. It has been decades in the making and will only increase in severity as their percentage of the population continues to grow.

Appeasement of the mob will only lead to more of their demands, more of their violence and will only lead to them getting stronger, more brazen and more militant. They have to be stood upto now otherwise they will just see the inertia and inaction as a green light to step up their actions.

So what should Nationalists take from it all?

Nationalists first and foremost can once again be vindicated in their warnings over the decades which were labelled as racist paranoia and scaremongering. Every single warning issued by Nationalists for over half a century has come true.

In a weird sort of way the riots are a good thing for Nationalism because the masses of white people still yet to take the red pill will be seeing all of this and many of them will start to ask themselves some challenging questions which only leads to two possible answers, the right one and the wrong one. The right answer being that this isn’t going to get better, it is only going to get worse because the idea that multiculturalism and diversity are a benefit to the West is an ideologically motivated fallacy.

Nationalists need to counter the narrative of the left now more than ever before. The lies of the Cultural Marxists have to be challenged and shown to be the mendacious lies that they are. The most important thing now is to not lose your head. Do not allow the situation to anger you enough to ruin your life. Be smart, be composed & articulate. Use facts logic & reason to get your argument across & that’s how our people will be woken up.

The left & BLM are doing a great job in waking our people up. Let them continue. Do not be dragged into confronting them physically on the streets. We all know how the media would portray it and we all know how it would be manipulated to turn Nationalists into the bad guys and the BLM & Antifa coalition into the good guys which of course would be a complete inversion of reality. The viewing public tend to fall for media lies so don’t make the mistake of alienating them further from the Nationalist message by giving the media the ammunition they require.

If anything, demand that your police be more forceful in their dealing with the riotous revolutionary mob. Hold them and politicians to account. Point out the lies in the establishment anti-white narrative. Present the actual statistics that won’t be found in the mainstream. This will be much more effective than giving the controlled media the opportunity they so desire which is to portray you in as negative a light as possible.

There will be a turning point for Nationalism, I don’t know if this will be it, but it should be seen as an opportunity to advance our own argument of truth. Nationalism does not pursue or desire racial conflict, far from it. Nationalism wants peace and realises that this comes about only through the realisation of the fact that forcing divergent groups together within the same society is a disaster waiting to happen.

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