Freedom of Speech Should Never Become the Victim of Individual Action.


We would never support or condone the murder of a mother of 2 children regardless of political differences. Not only does it deprive 2 children of a loving mother, but it only gives the media cause to demonise the Nationalist message. Violence only emboldens our enemies and elevates their deceit to the moral high ground where they present truth and freedom of speech as being hate speech. When the opportunity arises then they define the narrative to fit their own agenda. The Nationalist message does not need violence or acts of terror to validate it, it stands alone in the climate of lies fostered by the left and their globalist sponsors.

The toxicity of the political debate in the UK and across the West is a result of what political leaders have done with impunity to Western nations. Take Tony Blair for example, the war criminal and individual responsible for purposefully opening British borders to mass immigration. Does he not shoulder a huge responsibility for the anger and tension in Britain today? Does not a woman like Angela Merkel have blood on her hands for opening German borders to over a million migrants? Does not George Soros come in for condemnation for his funding of the demographic invasion of European nations? The narrative is not confined to what the media and politicians tell us is morally acceptable. Europe is being destroyed and political leaders are allowing it to happen and in many cases are actively enabling it. That doesn’t justify murder or acts of terror, but it does highlight the fact that there is more than one argument to be had. It never seems to be the case that politicians are held accountable for their political decisions, people who oppose those decisions are labeled as haters and racists without any consideration for the opposing point of view.

Jo Cox was a victim of the very same agenda that is currently engaged in demographically destroying Britain and the West. The killer is a product of that failed diversity experiment as are the Islamic terrorists and all others who kill in the name of ideology or religion. Forcing different groups together will never work, it will always be a source of conflict and tension because it is an unnatural state of the human condition. We are a tribal species as mother nature created us, you cannot change what is (reality) with what you would like it to be (utopia). Mrs Cox was probably a woman who genuinely thought that what she was doing was right, moral and just, but what is occurring across Europe and the West has sinister roots and is not right, moral and just.

We condemn the use of violence and terror to achieve political aims, it serves no purpose and leads to many innocent people being killed. However the biggest terrorists are the political leaders who make the decisions in the interests of the globalist agenda. It is they who should be held accountable for their crimes in a court of law with suitable punishment available.

How can the fact that thousands of terrorists are said to have entered Europe as a result of Angela Merkels insane policy not be a criminal act of extreme political negligence? Why hasn’t Tony Blair been arrested for his war crimes and genocidal open door policy of mass immigration? Has not Europe and the European people been put in danger and have they not become victims of their own politicians decisions? We can’t allow the debate to be swung in the favour of those who scream ‘hate’ at people who disagree with them. In Communist Russia political dissidents were diagnosed as being mentally unwell and put into mental institutions. This was not because they were sick, but because they did not conform to the agenda of the Communist state.

The spate of Islamic terrorist attacks across the West would not have been possible or at the very least less likely to occur if mass Islamic immigration had not been allowed into European nations. There will be more attacks in the future for the very same reason, yet Europeans are supposed to just accept and put up with it. The mass Islamic immigration came about as part of a political decision to allow it, Islamic terrorism is a consequence of those political decisions. Politicians by their actions declare themselves enemies of the British people and the European people as a whole. When scores of people die at the hands of Islamic terrorists then politicians who allowed, facilitated and support Islamic immigration and enforced multiculturalism in which Islamic terrorism thrives, should be held accountable for it, because it is their decisions that endanger our people.

If we were to collect the statistics of the amount of white British people who have become victims of diversity crime ie crime that occurs as a result of state enforced multiculturalism, then the figures would be truly shocking. We are talking about every single type of crime including rape, murder and paedophilia. One prime and infamous example is the grooming and mass rape of young white girls in Rotherham at the hands of Islamic grooming gangs. The local Labour council, the police and social services all tried to cover up what was happening and allowed it to continue. Politicians should have been arrested and held accountable, again because it is the political (state) enforced multiculturalism that allows diversity crime to flourish and which leads to our people becoming victims. Where is the accountability? Are we supposed to just continue to allow our daughters to be targeted and our nation to be destroyed by politicians?

Never can it be the case that a corrupt government is allowed to silence opposition to their agenda and use the death of a young woman to justify it. We can’t go down the road of not speaking our mind for fear of some individual taking matters into his own hands. He is responsible for his own actions and freedom of speech should not become a victim of individual action. Illegal wars have been fought and hundreds of thousands killed at the behest of an odious individual like Tony Blair, yet he goes unpunished and nobody suggests that everybody be held responsible for his decisions.

The British people have a momentous decision to make in the coming week about whether to vote to remain in or to leave the EU. The momentum which was with the leave campaign before the attack has almost come to a halt. This one incident cannot become a reason to vote to stay in the EU, it cannot be allowed to derail the most important decision since the calamitous decision to take us into a completely avoidable and fratricidal war in 1939. The very future of our nation and our children depends on getting Britain out of that nation destroying Globalist/Marxist Institute in Brussels. We can’t allow what happened in Yorkshire to detract from the importance of this upcoming decision. The British people i hope are not so gullible as to be swayed by an emotive media campaign designed to undermine the Vote Leave campaign and to influence the result of the referendum.

If Britain votes to leave the EU it will begin the process of deconstructing the EU in its entirety as other nations decide that they also want out. It will be a political earthquake that will reverberate around the world if Britain votes to leave. Generations of British people have failed their offspring by continuing to vote for political party’s controlled by international finance who have created the Britain we see today. This generation has the opportunity to do something that will benefit our future generations in the long run by handing down national sovereignty and national independence to their children and grandchildren. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, don’t continue to fail your own people and country by doing what the enemies of your people and nation want which would be to stay in the EU.

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