The Jewish Agenda is Clear


The goal is clear. Not only in the words of Jews themselves, but in the visual reality we see in European and Western nations every day. If you have ever asked yourself why your country is being destroyed then here is your answer.

When we and others say that the engineering of Multicultural, Multiracial and Multifaith societies has been by design and has been no accident then this is why we say it. It isn’t about the economy, it isn’t about diversity, it isn’t about enrichment, it is about the weakening of the once European majority in the interests of one specific group.

How do they achieve this? Despite being an extreme minority they achieve this very easily. They influence politicians by lobbying and providing campaign finance and who then proceed to do their bidding. They use academia to indoctrinate our youth into thinking they don’t exist as a group with interests. They use the media to attack and demonise any opposition to their agenda as ‘nazis’ and at the same time use the film industry to portray a narrative of WWII that fits their agenda. What they want is for the public to think that any identification with ones own racial group and the interests specific to them, will lead to the ‘gas chambers.’

‘a tenacious minority will beat down the resistance of a disorganised majority,’ in other words they use a divide and conquer strategy to weaken us thereby strengthening their own position and dominance. They can operate more freely as a cohesive ethno-religious group when they live in a society with many different ethnic and religious groups and when they don’t stand out so easily as a corrosive force as they have done in the past.

Essentially what we have is an alien element within society that uses our institutions against us for their own benefit. Everything that we see as an obvious negative in the West they describe as being progress, but progess for them not us. They are a criminal element, an enemy of our people and are determined to achieve the irreversible ruination of our nations and people.


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