Lord Levy Exposes the Inner Jew


What we have here is a classic example of the Jew exposing his true motivations and agenda. They are Jews above all else and if anything runs counter to their agenda then they come out as Jews to forcefully condemn ‘anti-semitism’ making subtle threats that their financial backing is potentially at stake.

When Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were doing as they were told and opening up British borders to mass immigration and embroilong British forces in wars for Israel, the likes of Lord Levy were happily willing to part with their blood stained money. His agenda was being served with the puppets of Blair and Brown, but as soon as a few Labour people start uttering some Anti-Jewish statements the likes of Levy are up in arms in a fit of moral outrage at the ‘evils of anti-semitism.’ Not that we in any way support Labour, but just to make the point.

People like Levy, Soros, Saban Adleson etc don’t care about the countries they reside in. They don’t fund politicians to serve the people of that nation either, they do what is in the best interests of Jews always. They are Jews first and nothing else second. If Jewish goals aren’t being met and if there is any criticism of Jews, then they are very quick to whip out the eternal victim card and flash it for all the world to see.


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