Berlin opens Germany’s first major gay refugee centre (Yes you read that right)


Whilst hundreds of German women are sexually assaulted across the country and while the very existence of the German nation and people is under threat from the open border insanity of Angela Merkel, it is good to know that they at least have they have their priorities in order and have sought to protect gay and trans refugees by opening a centre exclusively for their benfit. A safe space in which they can be free from the insults and attacks of fellow homophobic  refugees. There are no safe spaces for German women to go to be free of rampaging ‘refugees’ sexually assaulting them and robbing them, but as long as the gays are ok. The puppet German government with Merkel at the helm has created the conditions for the population of Germany to be unsafe in their own country, what they have done is criminal and they are directly responsible for the crimes carried out against the German people.

The German and wider European people seriously have to ask how it has come to be the case that their own nations women can be sexually assaulted on such a scale, how a 7 year old girl can be raped in a public park, yet a centre can be set up for ‘gay and transgender refugees’ to ensure their safety. What about the safety of the German people? This is a clear example of how leaders of European nations are completely working against the best interests of the European people.

The German people can rest assured that even though their daughters, mothers and sisters are not safe, the gayugees and the transgendergees will be safe and sound in their own safe space away from the hordes of aggressive ‘refugees’. The German government considers the safety of homosexuals and transgender ‘refugees’ as being more important than the safety of its own nations daughters.


Germany will on Tuesday open a shelter for homosexual refugees with space for more than 120 people, the association behind the project said.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Marcel de Groot, who runs the Schwulenberatung advisory centre which is responsible for the project, said the Berlin shelter will house gay, lesbian and transsexual migrants.

Many gay asylum seekers come from countries where their sexual orientation “is considered a crime,” de Groot said.

The discrimination, with verbal and physical violence, often continues in Germany as they are targeted by other refugees or even security personnel, he said.

“There are stories of violence in shelters in Berlin,” which are often crowded and offer little privacy, he said, stressing that people must be able to “live without fear of violence or discrimination”.

A smaller centre with space for eight gay refugees opened on February 1 in the southern city of Nuremberg, the first of its kind in Germany.

Many gay asylum seekers do not report insults or attacks to police out of fear “it will have a negative influence on their asylum process,” said Stephan Jaekel, one of the project leaders.

“The fear is unbearable — I know, I’ve been there,” said Mahmoud Hassino, a Syrian journalist and gay rights activist who now works for the advisory centre.

The gay and lesbian association of Berlin and Brandenburg said it received 95 reports of assaults on gay and lesbian migrants in the capital and surrounding state of Brandenburg between August and December last year.

Germany keeps no national statistics on crimes against sexual minorities in migrant centres.


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