David Miliband (Jew) Says Britain Should Take in More ‘Refugees’

David Miliband the Jewish brother of Red Ed Miliband, would love nothing more than for the British people to naively think that “4000 refugees would constitute 40 per poltical constituency.” Notice how he doesn’t mention that Israel has taken in none? No calls for Israel to take in refugees but this Jew is telling us that we in Britain should be taking in more. He doesn’t mention that Britain now has MILLIONS of non-whites in Britain who will eventually make up the demographic majority. He just wants you to think of it in terms of “40 per poltical constituency.” Why doesn’t he go to Tel Aviv and demand that Israel opens its borders? Because that would endanger the Jewishness of Israel and they don’t want that to happen, they only want the racial and cultural ruination of European nations.


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