Open Borders – A Jewish Issue (and Jewish Goal, Just not for Israel.)

For all those who say ‘the Jews are our allies’ and that ‘the Jews are our friends’, ask yourselves why European and worldwide Jewish groups never come out in opposition to Genocidal state enforced multiculturalism. Ask yourselves why they never come out in opposition to Mass Immigration. Ask yourselves why they involve themselves in movements hostile to the preservation of the European people and movements that promote societal, racial and cultural decay. Ask yourselves why they never come out and state publically that Europeans have the right to exist as Europeans on the continent of Europe. If they are our ‘allies’ and ‘friends’ then surely they would, however at the organised level they are the driving force behind it all.

Jewish groups involved in the counter-jihad movement are not allies or friends of the European people. They are  motivated by a desire to harness support for Israel and not for the preservation of the European people. This is something that the counter-jihad movement need to understand if they ever hope to prevent the Islamisation of Europe.

Jewish groups see Mass Immigration, Multiculturalism, ‘Diversity’, the ‘refugee crisis’ and cultural pluralism as being in the Jewish group interest and that is why they support them. They don’t do anything that doesn’t benefit them, and this is why some Jewish anti-Islamic sentiment is to be found in the counter-jihad movement. It is due to Jewish hostility to Palestinians that they involve themselves in certain groups, however it is not opposition to multiculturalism or multiracialism that concerns them. Nor is it opposition to the cultural rot that has set in and which is destroying the moral and cultural foundations of the West. The future of the European people is not in the Jewish group interest, and they see the gradual erosion of European racial and cultural identity as being to their own advancement as a group.


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