The Future of Europe

Video description translated from German.

One youth formed to recapture of their identity! #ZukunftEuropa a generation, a fate, a last chance! This is not only a motto, but daily spur of a movement that sees itself as a spouse and as a community of destiny! We are a movement of young people who will resist the left liberal indoctrination! We can no longer remain silent! We see how the values and cultural decay progresses, as more and more destroyed our home and our traditions and is like the freedom of political correctness. The fate of being the last generation that can change tack once again unites us! Us unites the self-knowledge the Phalanx to be that it needs to proceed against the self-destructive, ruling multicultural ideology, which drives the mass immigration and Islamization, and thus the eventual disappearance of a thousands-year-old family of peoples and cultural tradition called Europe. We stand together in our quest for the protection of our homeland, the restoration of freedom and sovereignty of our country and fight for the preservation of our ethno-cultural identity.

For our country and our future! identitary movement Germany

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