The Egalitarian Oversight

Note: This article refers to the situation in America, however it is just as relevant to the situation faced by whites in Europe..


by Charles Walter Aubrey

In undertaking their grand scheme to deconstruct “whiteness” and usher in a multicultural paradise, the greatest oversight the liberal establishment makes is the refusal to foresee the rejection of minority races to uphold egalitarianism once whites become a minority.

This oversight, in turn, reveals a truly astonishing state of collective cognitive dissonance. How can liberals not be aware of this glaringly conspicuous error in the contemplation of demographic projections? Furthermore, how can purportedly educated adults be unable to make the next logical extension of thought in considering what unbelievably tragic results will come from this demographic shift?

That which binds together the brittle house of cards that is egalitarianism is an artificial structure of laws, a massive cultural reprogramming, tireless public service announcements, lip service by the cultural elite, and relentless social ostracizing of dissidents, among other things. The fact remains that the progressive movement must have all of the methods of social conditioning running simultaneously with threats of violence and lawsuit to hold back the deluge of inherited tribal instincts that lie dormant and waiting. What allows this structure to remain is the effectiveness of white rule of law, and our willingness to support these measures.

As these structures corrode or their enforcement can no longer be guaranteed, the entire system will face an enormous collapse. The chaos that will ensue will force Americans not only to recognize the reality of biodiversity, but also to empirically understand the “diversity is strength” multicultural deception.

Now that whites have committed to diversity, multiculturalism, political correctness, and all other forms of cultural Marxism, white people have become the primary enforcers of this whole artificial structure of laws, creeds, and cultural Marxist paradigms.
Our own people are the greatest proponents and the faithful watchdogs for the dominant ideology. Every time I have been silenced, cursed, or pushed away, it has been by the lips, voices, and hands of my own people. I’ve had people scream at me, walk away, or launch vicious ad hominem attacks on me. Being silenced over and over takes a great toll. The result of my dissident convictions has been a mass exodus of family, friends, and acquaintances.

For example, I once became involved in an argument at a party at the home of a liberal female undergrad, in which I argued the necessity of stopping illegal immigration and the repatriotization of Hispanics back to their native countries. This girl became very upset to the point of crying. She then asked me what kind of person or a nation could ever do that to a people. I queried back as to her knowledge of any efficient or functioning nations of the world presently or throughout history that operated on a platform of “compassion.” With mouth agape and no retort forthcoming, she asked me to leave her party and never to engage in conversation with her ever again. This experience, while unpleasant, was instructive: this girl, like most liberal lefties, could not tolerate any divergence from her adopted ideology. To her, like her cohorts, the dissenter’s position is not only incorrect, but morally wrong, evil, despicable.

The irony is that most minorities lack the same spirit and attitude to serve the principals of egalitarianism. The African American majority of the large urban school district where I teach, for example, are fiercely nepotistic. White teachers and administrators often face prejudices in the workplace. While the animosity is rarely out in the open, certain black faculty members make their bias known through their words and their actions. It is hardly unheard of for black administrators to dump an abundance of problem students on a white teacher and give another black teacher of the same grade and subject better students. Of course, they love to promote their own kind, and cry racism if whites begin to assert any power back. This behavior, moreover, is limited to the specific group in question; the problem seems to be that the hostile black faculty consists of personality types that actively seek, and will not relinquish, power.

Unfortunately, power hungry minorities will not rush to uphold egalitarianism when they wield more or comparable levels of power. By the mid-21st century, Whites can probably expect the last hundred years of culturally indoctrinated hatred against whites to come crashing down on our heads. If minorities presently swarm theaters to watch films like Inglorious Basterds, Machete, and Django Unchained to participate in fantasy violence against the perceived oppressors, what catastrophic events will occur in the future when our once self-righteous egalitarian institutions look the other way?

As fewer and fewer whites are involved in the future political hierarchy, the egalitarian system and its enforcement will begin to collapse This collapse will exacerbate the balkanization of America, as whites retreat from geographically overwhelmed areas where civil rights abuses against us are no longer addressed. Naturally, as whites find ourselves in the minority, I believe non-whites will persevere in their own agenda even more ferociously.

We can expect the other races to coalesce even more aggressively as their respective populations grow. How can liberals expect an already un-assimilated population to become any more tolerant of assimilation as time continues and demographic projection looks to favor them? Different, divergent, and growing populations of unique cultures and ethnicities will certainly compete with one another for power, resources, and geography, with violence if necessary.
The treatment of whites in the failed multicultural states of South Africa and Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) provide the clearest indication of what is in store for white Americans in the future. We will see the collapse of a functioning hierarchy, the inquisition of and abuses against dispossessed whites, the fleeing of whites from danger zones, and finally, the rise of white ethnostates (as is the case with the fledgling Boer republic of Orania ). The template for our eventual collapse already exists and has occurred in our lifetime.

Being a fallacy based on a fantasy, Cultural Marxism relies on artificial, totalitarian mandates in order to remain viable. In effect, whites are basically responsible and allow these control mechanisms to exist as a testament of our expressed will. Lamentably, few whites in power or prestige acknowledge or discern the myriad of disastrous, post-racial precedents such as South Africa or the violent, racial milieu of Brazil as foreshadowing indicators of that which imminently faces our nation.

Based on future demographic projections, why wouldn’t Hispanics want to grasp the reins of power and subjugate the rest? The far right and the New Right openly display their distrust of the current political establishment, which mostly reflects our own race and culture; therefore, if we do not trust our own white (and Jewish) controllers, why could or should white Americans ever trust that the Hispanic hegemonic powers of the future to champion egalitarianism on our behalf? The rub, I fear, will be that egalitarianism will not be the pursuit of this Hispanic hegemony nor any realm under non-white control.


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