Whites Only Dating? That’s ‘Racist’. Interracial Dating? Black Dating? Jewish Dating? All considered to be fine.


There has been a lot of attention given recently to a dating website that allows white people to search for other whites who they may want to date. In this age of the Internet, online dating has become a way in which people can meet. However this doesn’t apply to whites it seems, it isn’t acceptable apparently for whites to want to date other whites, that is the ‘height of racism’ according to some. It is only acceptable for whites to go on dating websites that in reality are pro multiculturalism dating websites and miscegenation dating websites, this is essentially what they are, they don’t cater for whites, they cater for a multiracial society in which whites are being mixed out of existence.

On Facebook, there is an anti true racial diversity group called ‘Mixed Nation’ that promotes miscegenation and posts pictures of mixed race adults and children with slogans such as ‘perfect lil blends’, ‘beautifully blended’, and ‘mixed just right’, yet countless Facebook pages that want to promote white race preservation and show the unique beauty and diversity of the white race have been closed down for apparently violating the rules and regulations of Facebook on the grounds of ‘racism.’ Could you imagine the reaction to slogans such as ‘perfectly white,’ or ‘white nation,’ or how about ‘perfectly non-blended’? Maybe somebody should set up such a page and see how long it lasts.

So mixing the races is deemed to be acceptable and is to be promoted. Yet preserving your own race, or more accurately the white race, is deemed to be unacceptable. To encourage the preservation of ones race is deemed to be racist, and to encourage whites to date each other and provide a platform for them to do so is deserving of widespread criticism by those who don’t want whites dating each other and who want them mixing with non-whites producing non-white children. And yes there are really people who desire this not out of choice, but for anti-white ideological reasons.

The worlds true racial minority taking steps to ensure its survival in the face of enforced mass non-white immigration ie from the worlds majority racial populations is considered to be wrong, sinister and is to be condemned. However websites that encourage the races to mix are not mentioned in the media or on daytime television programmes in a negative light being portrayed as being racist, they are left alone because they serve the anti-white pro-miscegenation agenda that is prevalent right across the media, film and music industries in which miscegenation propaganda is absolutely everywhere.

Here is a selection of websites that promote interracial dating and the descriptions of what the websites promote and support.

‘Interracial Dating Central’

“Specialized Online Interracial Dating Services”

Are you single and open to dating someone from another race? Then join thousands of members looking here for love, where we specialize in interracial dating services.

Unlike other dating sites, InterracialDatingCentral is a specialist interracial dating site dedicated to singles who are interested in meeting other singles who share the same interest in dating interracially. We are here for interracial people to meet.

‘Interracial Dating’

“The World’s #1 Interracial Dating Site”

Join the world’s biggest and best interracial dating site and find your interracial partner.

‘Interracial Cupid’

‘Interracial People Meet’

How about blacks only dating? That’s is not considered to be ‘racist’.

‘Just Black Singles’

Here at JustBlackSingles we are passionate about connecting single black people that want to date

Jewish only dating? Yes, that is considered fine as well.

What about White dating?

That’s racist, how dare white people want to date white people potentially have white children and preserve their racial heritage.

Standard moronic responses to white people wanting to date within their own race


One sure fire way to know that this is anti-white agenda, is to understand that it is ONLY white people who are condemned for daring to go against the Genocidal scam being forced upon them. There is no miscegenation propaganda in Africa or Asia, only in nations with a (for the time being) white majority population and this at the same time as having mass non-white immigration being forced upon them. It is clearly an agenda that is targeting white people and is not confined to one nation, but is an agenda seen in EVERY nation in which whites live. Only those who want to prevent white racial consciousness, and who want to prevent whites from producing future generations of whites would have a problem with this. What they really want is for whites to become the minority in our ancestral homelands and one way in which to speed up this Genocidal process is to support miscegenation and mass immigration and to oppose white racial consciousness everywhere. They are motivated by an atavistic hatred of white people and it is this hatred that motivates them.

Those who oppose white people wanting to preserve our race are the real enemies of true racial diversity as nature intended and NOT as these Social Justice Warriors define it. If they were true to their word about supporting racial diversity, then they wouldn’t deny the existence of race, they wouldn’t encourage the destruction of the races through mixing, and they wouldn’t claim that we are all the same because the true meaning of diversity is difference. They are working towards what they call a ‘post-racial’ society, but the reality is that they are working towards a ‘post-white’ society.

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