Marcusian Repressive Tolerance


Herbert Marcuse, in his essay titled ‘Repressive Tolerance’, advocated the need for revolutionary minorities to subdue and oppress the opinions of those that do not subscribe to the behaviours and customs, of these small groups. Minorities are bound together by the left into identifiable groups and are encouraged to get along by using ‘Positive Tolerance’, and are given further labels within these small groups, this is evidenced in the grouping together of Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Questioning (LGBGTQI….HUYHHGFGSJDIOJSDOJA) etcetera… Why would Trans groups be bound together with Gay & Lesbian groups, who identified that there was common ground between these groups and figured they would get along?

Further evidence is found in the actions of people like Peter Tatchell, who can be seen to be attempting to unite minorities together who on he surface oppose, with his ‘Gays & Muslims Unite’ mantra, which is no dumb leftist error on his part, its a calculated effort to attempt to draw minorities together into one group to oppose the White Heterosexual European. In working to this, these minorities are given a voice as ‘one’ that voice then opposes the majority view and shouts loudly with screams of victimhood, a voice who’s only topic is how victimised they are. This then shames the majority into falling into line and not opposing the leftist agenda, of giving power to small immigrant groups, and those who indulge in degenerate lifestyles that wish to be mainstreamed. With the aim if undermining the core structures that hold European Society together, the Nuclear Family Unit being the main.

Marcuses redefining of the word Tolerance is Orwellian Doublespeak, it doesn’t mean Tolerance, as Tolerance in it purest form would mean the tolerance of absolutely everything, which is not the case. Does pure tolerance exist? Therefore tolerance is seemingly a Paradox and does not exist.

Marcuse himself preached the absolute zero Tolerance of the ‘right wing’, whilst preached his version of ‘Tolerance’. This is basically anyone who holds traditional values and wishes to keep them, and also anyone who isn’t swayed by deviant lifestyles that take over their lives. Marcuses thoughts on Tolerance are a key component of the Critical Theorists ploy to undermine society, each SJW will be filled with much Marcusian Tolerance, to the point of them brimming with Tolerance, so much so that they are actually intolerant.

Adding to this, it is also evidence of the Hegelian Dialectic being used as the first generation have used this to influence all those that came after them, critiquing society into insanity.

Thesis = Tolerance
Antithesis = Intolerance
Synthesis = Marcuses definition of Tolerance



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