When Democracy Exposes itself to be a Farce


Last week the Front National sent shock waves through the political establishment of France by polling roughly 40% of the vote and subsequently being predicted to take 6 of the 13 regions in France. This led to a concerted campaign to ‘stop’ the Front National by any means necessary. Jewish groups called for a civic uprising, a Jewish doctor called for the impregnating of “far right women” with non-white children to thereby “kill right-wing poison in the egg”, they even mentioned a possible civil war. As it turned out, the enemies of the true French people used their most potent weapon, the so-called ‘democratic system’.

The French Socialist party which had been routed by the FN in the first round of elections, decided to pull out its candidates and urged its voters to vote for the Republican party led by Nikolas Sarkozy the former French leader who stated that the French must miscegenate and that if they didn’t the state would use coercive measures to ensure that they did. The reason the Socialists did this, was to block the Front National, they couldn’t beat them in a fair election, so decided to use underhand and undemocratic tactics to stop a political party that has gained a sizeable percentage of the French vote. Sarkozys’ vote went up from 27% to over 50% as a result of the undemocratic engineering.

What this shows us, is that the so-called ‘democratic system’ and ‘democratic process’ is a farce and corrupt. Democracy is supposed to be about a fair vote in which the will of the majority prevails, but when one party pulls out of the democratic process, urges its voters to vote for another party to block a third, then that isn’t democratic, it is corrupt. It is the equivalent of the Labour party in Britain pulling out of an election and encouraging its voters to now vote for the Conservatives because they don’t want a third party to get in. There is nothing democratic about that and if you were not aware that democracy is nothing but a punch and judy show for the masses then you should be aware of it now. It is the illusion of choice in which only conformist political party’s are allowed inside the bubble of ‘acceptance’. Anything outside of that bubble will be subject to dirty tactics to keep them out. You only have to look at Greece and how the establishment there treated the leaders of the Golden Dawn because they feared the rise of a political organisation that did not conform to hegemonic democratic principle of treason.

The FN and indeed Nationalism across Europe should not be downhearted. It took for these undemocratic tactics to stop the FN, and despite not taking any of the regions in France, they have still almost trippled the amount of seats taken achieving roughly 28-30% of the vote in the second round of elections. That is a huge number of people voting for Nationalist polices and embracing Nationalist ideas. If anything, this helps the Nationalist movement because it shows that the democratic process will be manipulated to prevent certain organisations from getting in. The people will look at that and see that the system is corrupt and rigged and is far from being what it says on the tin.

The rise of the Front National has not stopped, it has still grown exponentially, all that has happened is that two other party’s in France have come together to stop them this time in regions that the FN looked certain to win, but there is always a next time and the support for the FN keeps growing so if anything it is more of a stalling tactic than a defeat. It is also worth mentioning that the two party’s that colluded are political opposites ideologically, yet cooperated to abuse the democratic system to keep the FN out.

The reaction to the rise of the FN and the results of the first round of elections has been one of panic, the enemy was rattled, they exposed their weaknesses and their corruption and in an ironic twist it was democracy that helped to expose them. Democracy has shown its true colours, but it needn’t be considered a defeat, but a victory of sorts. Nationalism is still rising regardless of the fact that the enemies of the European people will go to any lengths to prevent us from standing up for own interests. They may have stopped Nationalism briefly, but that is far from the end of it. The enemies of the European people displayed their atavistic hatred of the European and their opposition to the long term interests of the French people and Europe as a whole.

What the rest of Europe must learn from this is that the political avenue isn’t necessarily dead and buried although I do understand the position of those that say it is. We are still the majority for now in Europe in terms of numbers, so politically we could still effect change at the ballot box but of course it would require a mass shift in the voting mentality of our people and that possibility moves further away all the time as the immigrant and immigrant descended population rises. When it gets to the point were the non-European people are voting in such numbers that they are the ones electing politicians and governments then we will have lost the power of political self-determination as the non-European will always vote in his own interests and not in the interests of the European. This is already happening, but will eventually reach the point when it won’t matter if all whites vote collectively in our own interests, because we will be outnumbered demographically. In Europe you have the indigenous people voting for different political organisations the overwhelming majority of which do not advocate white interests, but are tools of the Genocidal multiracial agenda. The non-European population on our continent however, vote in their own racial and cultural interests by primarily voting for the party that allowed them here in the first place and which continues to advocate open borders. They vote in their racial and cultural interests, the European votes for unimportant policies on unimportant matters and for anything that benefits them in the pocket.

What the Front National have done however, is to show how it can be done despite this minor setback and how Nationalism can become an electable ideology. In a way, the Front National has put the rest of European Nationalism to shame, whilst they stand on the verge of something great, Nationalism across Europe although growing, is nowhere near a potential takeover of a major European nation. In Britain for example, Nationalism is growing, but there is a severe lack of a viable political organisation to harness it towards political success.

I do believe that the establishment fear a political awakening among Europeans, and as things deteriorate across Europe the likelihood of that happening increases by the day. The fear of the left and their establishment handlers is tangible, they sense that their unnatural and corrupt world is beginning to crumble around them as the natural instinct of self-preservation becomes the sledgehammer destroying that unnatural and corrupt world. You only have to see the reaction in the media to the rise of Nationalism, the reaction of the left, and the corrupt politicians who deviously act together to stop the democratic process when it doesn’t serve their own agenda to know that Nationalism is the only true alternative to what is currently on offer.

Nationalism is the cure for the ills that the European continent currently faces. It is the antithesis to political treachery and corruption, it is the feared enemy of the usurious banking establishment and the progenitors of the cultural, racial and societal decay that plagues the Western world today. Nationalism is the natural order of things and as a result will be victorious regardless of the tactics employed to halt its advance against the forces of treason and corruption.

Long Live Nationalism.

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