Whites arrested for protecting themselves from Black Lives Matter Mob

If you remember a couple of weeks back, the controlled media went into an anti-white spasmodic frenzy reporting about ‘white supremacists opening fire on a black lives matter protest’ in Minneapolis. The intention of the media, as always, was to associate whites with ‘racism’, ‘supremacism’, and ‘evil’. They cared not for the facts, but for the picture they could paint for the gullible masses to see. As it turns out, the whites involved in this incident were attacked by the Black Lives Matter protesters and were chased by the mob leaving them with no alternative but to use reasonable force to protect themselves. If they hadn’t used reasonable force, then you can only imagine what would have happened to them.

Video footage has emerged of 2 black males talking openly about what had really happened that night. However the narrative of the media hasn’t changed, the whites who merely protected themselves from the crazed black mob still face criminal proceedings whilst their attackers are once again presented as the victims.

Watch the following video made by Dr David Duke which blows apart the false media portrayal of what happened in Minneapolis.

Also visit his website here:


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