No future for Jews in Europe? What about the future of Europeans in Europe?


Avraham Guigui the Brussels Chief Rabbi has said that: “There has been aliyah to Israel as well as emigration to Canada and the US. People understand there is no future for Jews in Europe.ā€

Never mind the future of Jews in Europe, what about the future of Europeans in our own homelands?

Notice how the spotlight always has to be brought back onto these victim merchants who don’t like the limelight to be anywhere else but on themselves and their ‘suffering.’ They speak about the attacks on Jews in Europe and ‘rising anti-semitism’ but NEVER do they or anybody else for that matter, mention the countless murders, rapes, robberies and assaults carried out against Europeans by the enrichers that Jews wanted in our continent and which they campaigned vigorously for. If you didn’t know by now, Jews have been the driving force behind mass immigration into Europe and the creation of multiracialism. They have also been behind the creating of laws to stop Europeans speaking out against their own displacement. They have the cheek to demand sympathy and protection when it is they who have played a disproportionate role in causing all of this in the first place.

Why do these Jews never mention that Europeans are eventually going to become a minority in our own homelands as a result of policies they campaigned for and were in support of? Why is it always about them and their interests as Jews but Europeans cannot mention our interests as Europeans without widespread disapproval and labeling?

It sickens me to see these people whining about how Jews are victims of rising anti-semitism whilst hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of Europeans have been victims of enforced multiculturalism. Why is it ok for Jews to identify as Jews when talking about attacks against them, but when Europeans identify as Europeans and talk about the off the scale level of violence against them they are called racist? Why is it ok for Jews to say that because they feel unsafe in Europe Jews are leaving to live in Israel among other Jews, but when Europeans say they don’t feel safe in enforced multicultural and multiracial societies and want to live in societies composed of Europeans they are called racists?

Joel Rubinfeld president of the Belgian league against anti-semitism said on RT that:

“Jews in Europe are starting to leave their countries, they are going to Israel, to US to Canada or other countries because it became difficult and even dangerous to live as a Jew in Europe.”

Isn’t it dangerous to live in Europe as a European then? And don’t pretend that it is because Jews are a minority, because when Europeans become the minority do they think Europeans will not become the target of attacks even more so than they are now? And don’t Europeans have the right to prevent that future from happening and to ensure the future safety of our future generations? Apparently not. Only Jews it would seem have the right to look out for their own interests as Jews.

For every crime committed against a Jewish individual in Europe, there are innumerable more attacks carried out against Europeans but never is it portrayed as such because to do so would be racist wouldn’t it. As far as organised Jewry is concerned, Europe has to accept its ‘multiracial societies’ and its future ‘minority status’ because it is enriching and ‘diversity is strength.’ Even when Europeans are victims of these enrichers it doesn’t negate the ‘advantages’ of multiracialism in their eyes. Jews however cannot live in such a place and especially when a small number of incidents occur against Jews, it means that Jews flee ‘dangerous Europe’ for safety among other Jews.

Jews need to take a long hard look at their own leaders and those Jews who have been behind the opening of European borders to mass 3rd world immigration. If they fear for their own safety in Europe then they have their own people to blame.

Not that I care if Jews leave Europe, but isn’t it nauseating to see these people having caused the mess in the first place now fleeing for their own safety leaving the Europe they created to deal with the problems.


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