Mass Immigration is Bad For Britain | Douglas Murray

This is quite a good video by somebody who at times articulates the argument against mass immigration very well. I don’t agree with everything he says, and i think a lot of things often go unsaid such as the intentionality of mass immigration and the true intentions of those behind it and the true agenda behind it. I think that sometimes people like Douglas Murray do themselves a disservice by coming across in a manner that presents mass immigration as being an accident or an oversight by politicians when the reality is that mass immigration has been used as weapon of war against the British people and against European people wherever they live on this planet. If this was happening in just one country then it could well be explained as being a mistake on the part of the government responsible, but this is happening in numerous nations in which whites are the majority and it is happening on different continents. This is a concerted and ongoing demographic attack on the very identity of whites everywhere.

It is all well and good exposing the lunacy of some of the arguments in favour of mass immigration, but to do so in a way that leads people to think that these arguments are made with good intentions is naive. Sure, a minority of people support mass immigration for naive altruistic reasons, but the politicians and hardcore left certainly don’t, they support it for financial gain, and for political and ideological motivations.

It is good I suppose that the subject of mass immigration is being discussed in Oxford university, but watering down the sinister truth behind mass immigration keeps a major feature of it out of the public consciousness.

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