The Future is Nationalism


A lot of posts on social media can present a vision of nothing but doom and gloom and a future we cannot avoid. This I believe is done in large part to try and shock people into waking up by showing them the worst possible future if they don’t wake up to what is going on. Make no mistake about it, the dystopian future is a very real possibility, but at the same time we are living in an age in which the presentation of ideas can go viral at the touch of a button. The traitors in the halls of power all over the West are exposing themselves for the traitors they are and are making the agenda they serve ever more transparent with each passing day.

More people than ever before are asking questions that they would never have once asked, more and more people are questioning the political decisions made in our names which so obviously do not serve our interests. People are starting to realise that these misleaders serve the interests of a sinister agenda as well as their own greed and egotistical driven interests. More people than ever before are hearing the Nationalist message even if not all of them are vocal on the street. For every zombified rootless leftist cretin screaming ‘nartsy’ at every shadow he sees, there are thousands of people who adhere to the natural principles of Race, Nation, Culture, Heritage, Tradition and Family.

Although the present situation may seem as though all is lost, never forget that we are still the majority in our ancestral homelands for now and can still effect change if we get to grips with the situation.

There is an excellent saying which goes: ‘surround yourself with people who are on the same mission as you’ and this is crucial. Try and connect with fellow Nationalists in your area, you may be surprised to find there are more than you think. This a good starting point in developing strategies to get the Nationalist message across through different methods of activism. You can enter local politics on issues important to the public, there are many things you can do, but do something you must.

The Nationalist message is now easily available, but people need directing towards it. We have countless blogs, Facebook pages,  websites, radio shows, excellent books and intellectuals, but what we don’t have is a major media platform so it is down to us all to do as much as possible to get that message out there.

The Cultural Marxists and their globalist handlers fear the growth of Nationalist feeling across Europe, they can see that the mood is changing among the European people. They have created the conditions for Nationalism to thrive and it will once again stand against all those who seek to destroy European nations and people. We live in interesting times, will we live to see the glory of our race reborn? Who knows, but one thing I do know, is that this is far from over. They are backing us into a corner, and you know what happens then. Europe is not dead, long live Europe.

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