Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs

This is an excellent video exposing the lunacy of mass immigration and the intentionally deceptive arguments in favour of it. When people believe that they can alleviate world poverty and help the millions fleeing war they forget that the West cannot physically accommodate these people and even if we could, why would we want to destroy our own racial and cultural identity by assimilation with the world’s majority populations thereby eradicating our very existence on the altar of altruistic insanity.

No doubt some people have misguided altruistic reasons for supporting mass immigration, but there is also a significant number of people who support it for ideological reasons and who see mass immigration as serving those ideological interests.

The insane belief that the West could or should accommodate the worlds poor is leading to our displacement in our own homelands. We have a right to exist, we should not be forced to live in multiracial and multicultural societies that will ultimately lead to our demise as a people and culture.


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