White Race Solidarity NOT Communistic Class Division


Our race is divided along countless lines, whether it be religious, regional, political, or even historically as a result of conflict,  but the biggest source of division among the white race has been the Communistic narrative of ‘class struggle.’

Whites no longer see the danger of displacement by racial and cultural out-groups who have been allowed to flood into their homelands for decades, but view their own people as being the enemy because of the hegelian divide and conquer strategy used to drive a wedge between our people.

We have lost that sense of collective security and natural self-preservation which comes about as a result of understanding the importance of adhering to the immutable laws of nature. We no longer see our interests in racial terms because of this divide and conquer scenario employed by the left. All focus is on pointless ‘class issues’ when the real issues are racial and cultural.

Arguments about ‘class’ and ‘social status’ will mean nothing when Britain erupts into inevitable civil disorder or civil war as a result of enforced multiracialism and multiculturalism. Whether somebody is richer than you and  happened to own a business employing hundreds of people won’t mean a thing to your enemy. Unless the white race comes together under the banner of racial and cultural preservation free from class distinctions, then we will succumb to the rising tide of mass immigration feasting off our own naivety and infighting.

The ‘class’ narrative is used to keep us divided as a race, it leads people to believe that their economic and social status is more important than that of their race. The Communistic left preach of a world without borders and desire the ‘workers of the world’ to ‘unite’ no matter their race or culture. That mentality whilst being completely unachievable because of the reality of conflict and human nature, would be disastrous for the white race and Western civilisation. Within European nations the political left advocate open borders and support the purposefully deceptive concept of ‘multiculturalism.’

One of the biggest contradictions in so-called ‘working class’ leftist politics and ideological posturing is the fact that they completely ignore the impact of Mass Immigration upon the indigenous working class people of any given nation. The working class people need to ask why their political leaders and representatives on the left support a policy of Mass Immigration which is seriously detrimental to their own interests. This is a clear sign that the lefts narrative is one of deception, they profess to be for the working class, yet support the importation of millions of 3rd world migrants who compete with the indigenous working class for employment, housing, health care, and public services thereby making the conditions of the indigenous working class more difficult. As an example, one result of Mass Immigration is the driving down of wages due to a larger pool of workers willing to work for much less pay.

The left are shown to be the hypocritical liars that they are when you consider the fact that they claim to oppose big business, the banks, corporations and governments etc, but conveniently ignore the reality of Mass Immigration being imposed upon us by the very same people they supposedly oppose. The left support the Mass Immigration and enforced multiculturalism policy of government, big business, the bankers and the multinational corporations because it serves their OWN agenda. And in so doing facilitate the ongoing destruction of the white race which they so desire.

The white race needs to understand that our own individual interests are part of a much bigger collective interest. If we continue down the road of individualisitc selfishness then we are finished and will succumb to the hostile out-groups who do act in their own collective interests. The white race has to stop fighting amongst itself and realise that for the white race to survive needs us all pulling together in the same direction and towards the same goal which is the preservation of our very existence. This is of paramount importance and completely trumps all economic concerns and the pursuit of  materialistic possessions. The survival of our race means so much more than our own individual needs because the survival of our race means ensuring the safety of our future generations. At present we are failing them and allowing a situation to be created in which they will have to deal with our failings as well as the failings of multiple generations.

The continuity of our race and ensuring the safety of our future generations means self-sacrifice in the sense that our own individual interests come behind the interests of the collective. The interests of the group far outweigh the interests of the individual, and the individual should be willing to sacrifice his own interests for that of the group. When we allow ourselves to be divided by ideologically motivated radicals preaching about a non-existent and unobtainable utopia designed to keep us distracted, then we will forever be chasing our own tails in the pursuit of something that doesn’t exist and will never exist. When as a race we are divided along so many lines and other racial groups are unified, then we are destined to lose in the long run. A perfect analogy would be a football match, if one side was full of selfish individuals who were only interested in their own glory and not that of the team. If it was a team of people who did not get along and who constantly bickered over trivialities against a side that played as a team, who do you think wins? A fractured team of selfish individuals and self-servers or a team that understands the importance of the group in achieving victory and success?

The ideological narrative of the left which divides our race along ‘class lines’ means death and annihilation for the white race, it means a future of conflict for our children and the destruction of thousands of years of racial and cultural heritage and achievement. Our place among  natures true diversity of peoples will have been destroyed in large part due to our own gullibility, naivety, altruism and apathy. Whilst we argue among each other as a race about unimportant political and economic issues, our nations are being invaded by the worlds majority racial populations. Whilst as a race we pursue the lefts interpretation of ‘social justice’ and ‘equality’ we are drowning in the rising tide of colour to use the title of a book by Lothrop Stoddard.

Our interests do not involve the eradication of our very existence, our interests are to be found in white racial solidarity and not class divisions brought about the the Communistic left and their nation, race and culture destroying ideology. Those people among our own race who seek to financially exploit for profit or who desire the destruction of the white race through mass immigration for ideological reasons are enemies of the white race. We should not allow ourselves to be divided as a race because of the greedy few and the treacherous many. Racial cooperation and the genuine pursuit of the betterment of all within the racial group should be the ideal and an ideal that applies to all races and nations. Enforced multiracialism destroys it does not enrich, equality is a false God and utopia as the left defines it does not exist.

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