The Myth of the Russian ‘Great Patriotic War’


World War II and the Rise of Russian Nationalism: Excerpt from Chapter 22, Secret Behind Communism.

The outbreak of the Second World War, and the invasion of the Soviet Union by Germany in 1941 irreparably altered the make-up of Soviet society. Jewish involvement in the horrors of Communism was an important factor in Hitler’s desire to destroy the USSR and in the anti-Jewish actions of the German National Socialist government. Jews and Jewish organisations were also important forces in inducing the Western democracies to side with Stalin rather than Hitler in World War II.

By late 1941, many observers around thr world fully expected the Soviet Union to collapse in the face of the massive German military victories on the Eastern Front. The USSR’s ruling elite, always, ideologically speaking, disdained: Russian nationalism. In exhorting the Russian people to fight the Germans, Soviet propaganda switched from being purely an ideological struggle between National Socialism and Communism, into one pitting Russian nationalism and independence against German ‘aggression and imperialism’.


9th May is V-Day in Russia, it marks their ‘victory’ over National Socialist Germany. It is referred to as ‘the great patriotic war’, leading people to believe, that the Communists under Stalin were fighting a righteous war against the ‘evil Nazi invader’. There was nothing patriotic about Communism, in the face of defeat it had to rely on and use to its advantage, the national feeling of the Russian people, something it wanted to destroy previously in favour of Communist worldwide revolution. They wanted a world without borders ruled by International Communism. What it should have been called was ‘the great deceptive war’. Those people who had opposed Communism in Russia post 1917 were slaughtered. Communism hated the Russian nation and the Russian people.

The truth is that before one German soldier had set foot on Russian soil in 1941, the Communist murder machine had already killed tens of millions of its own people and sought to export its brutal ideology far beyond the Russian border. It is now widely acknowledged that Jews played a leading role in Communism and its many atrocities, and in Germany under National Socialism, the people were well aware of the dangers of Jewish Communism and the attempt to foment Communist revolution outside of Russia. They had already carried this out in Hungary in 1919. Bela Kun (Cohen), who had also been involved in the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, was the main instigator. It was no secret in Germany that Jewish Communism was a menace that threatened not only Germany, but all of Europe, and indeed the world.

In 1918, at the end of WW1, Germany had been betrayed from within by revolutionary fifth columnists who sought to bring about a Communist revolution in Germany, these Communists had strong links to Communist leaders in Russia, and one of the leaders of the attempted revolution in Germany, Rosa Luxemburg, was instrumental in the founding of the Bolsheviks in Russia.

This betrayal of the Germans led to the demobilisation of its armies as the Social Democratic Party, led by Communist Jews, had assumed power in Germany proclaiming a Socialist Republic, and agreeing to an armistice with the allies. These were known as the November criminals. In a matter of days, Germany had gone from being a military force pretty much in tact and agreeing to withdraw to pre-war boundries, to having nothing and being destroyed by the Treaty of Versailles, having land seized, its military reduced to 100,000 men and being financially crippled by impossible and unjust reperations.

The attempted Communist revolution that came soon after failed as returning German soldiers from the frontlines of WW1, formed what came to be known as Freikorps who suppressed the Communist uprising. The Germans could not be blamed for doing everything possible to stop the German nation and its people from the being in the permanent crosshairs of Jewish Communism. The strike against Russia in 1941 was because of this menace that would have eventually launched its own assault on Germany and Europe.

New evidence has come to light which justifies the German assault on Communist Russia. The Communists were poised to strike against Europe as soon the nations engaged in fighting each other had become battle weary. The only reason Russia called on ‘Russian patriotism’ was because it had no other option in the face of the German Blitzkrieg that had almost reached Moscow. The Communists had been caught unaware and put on the back foot.

The ‘official’ narrative of WW2 and Operation Barbarossa, is that Germany led by a ‘crazed madman’ intent on world domination had invaded Russia not as part of a preemptive defensive strategy, but in a quest to take over Russia and subjugate its people. Truth is that the Russian people had already been subjugated by Communism, which aswel as murdering tens of millions of Russians, also sought to expand its revolution into other European nations. Going against the ‘official’ narrative is considered to be the worst kind of thought crime, but the truth surrounding WW2 is not as it would seem. Hitler himself even said that the ‘Victor would never be asked if he told the truth’. The official narrative of WW2 is solidified by constant propaganda pushed in media, film and in academia, but research with an open mind discovers something very different from the official story.

New Evidence on the 1941 ‘Barbarossa’ Attack:
Why Hitler Attacked Soviet Russia When He Did:

So i for one, will not fall for the deception of the Russian ‘great patriotic war’. Russia at that time was a Communist juggernaut intent on enslaving as much of Europe as it could under the Communist boot. It wasn’t National Socialist Germany that wanted to conquer the world, it was the menace of Jewish Communism and its Jewish finaciers who had that intention.  Germany under National Socialism fought against both the Capitalist world and Communism, and both were dominated by Jewish figures whose financial and political interests required the defeat of National Socialism. Tens of millions had already died because of Communism, it was the worlds foremost killing machine and im ashamed, that the British government of the time considered them allies. Communist Russia was poised to strike against Germany hence the preemptive strike known as Operation Barbarossa.

Regardless of your own personal opinion of Germany and National Socialism, the preemptive invasion of Russia almost destroyed the scourge of Communism on the European continent and if achieved would have liberated Russia from its Communist shackles. It took over 40 years for Communism to collapse in Europe after WW2, and during those 40 years much of Eastern Europe suffered under Communist tyranny. These facts are in no way an attack on the Russian people, Russians suffered more than most under Communism. However Russia didn’t win WW2 just as the rest of the allies didn’t win it. In Russia after WW2, Communism consolidated its grip on the Russian nation and people and enslaved most of Eastern Europe. This whilst the ‘allies’ of Communist Russia, knew very well of the death sentence and oppression that would await those Eastern European nations swallowed up by the Communist beast. Do Russians today who celebrate the ‘victory’ of Communist Russia endorse Communism? Or do they see it as a national victory?

You have to ask the question, as uncomfortable as it may be for some, why did Western nations side the brutal mass murdering machine known as Communism? Winston Churchill had already written of the Jewish mass murdering nature of Communism prior to WW2, then joined with them in war in Europe, doesn’t make sense does it. What was it that could have made the West side with Communism? You only have to look at who financed the Bolshevik Revolution and who prolonged WW1 by bringing America into the war for the promise of Palestine from the British, to understand why the allied nations sided with Communist Russia. The same financial controllers of Communism were the same financial controllers of the West.Although Jewish power in Communist Russia had waned under Stalin, they still played a significant role and Communism certainly was a vital tool for Germany to be defeated. The Communists also invaded Poland in 1939, yet those nations who promised to safeguard Polands borders failed to declare war on Communist Russia who actually occupied more Polish territory than the Germans, why?

The allies, consisting of America, Canada, the UK, France and the rest of Europe certainly didn’t win WW2. They fought the war because of the belief that their national freedom was in severe danger from National Socialist Germany, when Communism for decades, had already stated its intention to take over nations using violent uprisings left in its wake a death count unimaginable to the human mind. International Communism was their aim, by whatever means.

People believe that Hitler and his National Socialist Germany wanted ‘to take over the world’. This of course wasn’t true, any ‘invasion’ of nations in Europe were, for the most part, preemptive strikes into supposedly neutral countries who were going to be used as routes into Germany by allied troops resulting in German operations to prevent it. Any nation in a state of war would do the same. Their neutrality was non-existent just as America’s so called neutrality prior to their entry into the war was a myth as they financed Communist Russia, and provided assistance to Germanys enemies. Look around your country and you will see the results of our so called victory. If Europe in 2014 is a symbol of our victory then I wouldn’t call it a victory at all.

It is estimated that 50 million people died in WW2, men women and children on all sides, atrocities aplenty were carried out by all and not as we are led to believe all by Germany alone.

After WW2’s end, the Internationalist Jewish nature of Communism ceased to be as influential as it had been. The forming of the state of Israel in 1948 led to many Jewish Communists to leave for pastures new. Most then became ardent Zionists and anti-Russian because of perceived the perceived ‘anti-semitism’ of Stalins regime, although some of Stalins closest and most trusted Commissars were Jewish.

Jews had also formed large communities in America, eventually going on to form the nucleus of the Neoconservative movement, and taking the control of Hollywood and the media aswel as the financial institutions. America now supplies Israel with massive foreign aid and military equipment and fights in wars exclusively for the interests of Israel. See our blog about the Origins of the Neoconservative movement.

So to clarify, the ‘Great Patriotic War’ was the use by the anti-patriotic Communists, of patriotism, to defeat Germany. They called on the one thing they despised, and killed millions of people for, to save them. In doing so they tightened their grip over Russia, and subsequently most of Eastern Europe. Communism was, and is, a form of Jewish global control. Today in the West it manifests itself as Cultural Marxism, but whatever form it takes, there is nothing patriotic about it unless of course it needs to call on Patriotism to save its skin. True patriotism would have helped to defeat Communism and liberate the Russian people and the rest of Europe. The Germans didn’t hate Russia, they hated Communism and knew what a threat it was to the freedom of not only Germany but the whole of Europe.

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