“The Jewish Peril. A Disturbing Pamphlet: A Call for Inquiry.”


On the 8 May 1920 the Times newspaper released an article which detailed the agenda laid out in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion with a warning to its readership.

The authenticity of the Protocols is immaterial, it is often described as a forgery by Jews themselves, but a forgery of what? It matters not what the origins of the Protocols is, but whether what was detailed in them actually fits the world we live in today. As Henry Ford onces said:

“The only statement I care to make about the PROTOCOLS is that they fit in with what is going on. They are sixteen years old, and they have fitted the world situation up to this time. THEY FIT IT NOW.”

– Henry Ford

Indeed the protocols fit today in 2015. Whoever was the author of them was either privvy to something or he was a prophetic visionary who envisioned what the future would be as a result of the Jewish group evolutionary strategy.

The content of the Protocols in the 1920 Times article:

1, There is, as there has been for centuries, an international political organisation of Jews.

2, It appears that the motivation of this organisation is a traditional eternal hatred of Christianity and a titanic ambition to rule the world.

3, The end to which this organisation has aimed through the centuries is the destruction of the nation states and the substitution of international Jewish domination.

4, The method used to weaken and destroy the existent political states is the injection of ideas that will lead to their disintegration by a process well-judged by liberalism and radicalism, then by socialism and communism, and finally by anarchy, the reductioad absurdam of egalitarian principles. At the same time, Israel will remain undamaged by these corrosive doctrines.

5, The political dogmas that evolve in Christian Europe, her politics and her democratic constitutions are all equally despised by the wise elders of Israel. For them, government is a sublime and secret art, acquired through traditional culture and practised by a very small elite in some hidden sanctuary.

6, In this conception of government, the masses are no more than a wretched herd; and the political agitators of the goyim (gentiles), who are as blind as the flocks they lead, are simply puppets in the hands of the elders of Israel: they are mostly corrupt, always impotent, easily manipulated by flattery, threat or blackmail for the ends of Jewish domination.

7, The press, the theatre, the Stock Exchange, science, the law, in the hands of those who hold all the world’s wealth, are furthermore instruments to stir up public opinion, to demoralise the young, to promote vice among the general population, to destroy idealistic aspirations (Christian culture), to establish a cult of cash, of materialist skepticism, of the cynical appetite for pleasure.

From the Times, 8 May 1920  


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