If you think the situation in Syria and the entire Middle East region had not been orchestrated then you are not paying attention.

This brave and well informed woman from Syria spells it out for you to more easily understand. The only thing not mentioned in the video is the Oded Yinon plan in relation to what is happening in Syria right now.

The mass influx of people from the Middle East region into Europe and other groups who have jumped on the bandwagon, is a direct consequence of the political agenda at play that serves the interests of Israel and Global Jewry. Until people understand this fundamental fact then we will never get to grips with the situation.

Syria under Assad was a secular and peaceful nation, it was self-sufficient and debt free. Syria was also a staunch supporter of the Palestinian cause and as a result was despised by Israel and international finance dominated by their fellow tribesmen. Syria like Iraq, and Libya, was an obstacle to the Israeli goal of a ‘Greater Israel’ and was also a bulwark against the parasitic usurious central banking scam that has totally financially enslaved the West making it subservient to its global agenda.

The controlled media which is controlled by the very same people causing world unrest, feeds you a daily diet of controlled lies that aims at advancing the agenda. People swallow these lies believing them to be the absolute truth and as a result the agenda advances to the next level.

To find the truth you have to switch off the mainstream media poison and look at the alternative media. The information which is suppressed, called ‘anti-semitic’ or a ‘conspiracy theory’ is the information you need to be paying attention to.

Please watch and share this video and help people understand exactly what is going on and why.

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