German ‘Antifa’ call for the Rape and Genocide of Ethnic Germans


We are all repulsed by the scourge of the useful idiot and government sponsored ‘anti-fascist’ groups that infect our societies. Their treachery is vomit inducing and is a disease that has infected the Western world in particular. Their desire to see the downfall of Western nations both culturally and racially is symbiotic of their mental disorder. These groups do the bidding and groundwork of the system they supposedly oppose and fail utterly to see that they are nothing but the lap dogs of International finance. 

In Germany however, the so called ‘antifa’ are more despicable than in any other nation in the Western world. They actually celebrate the mass murder of their own people during WW2 as a result of the fire bombing of German cities, and openly declare their desire for the Genocide and rape of indigenous Germans. This is something which happened at the end of WW2 as the marauding Communist beasts were encouraged by the Soviet propaganda minister Ilya Ehrenburg (Jew) to rape and kill German men women and children. This mentality of the self-hater is a pathological deviation from normal behaviour and thinking.

This is a flyer of the German ‘Antifa’ that calls for the perish of Germany and the Germans people. The flyer says: “Den Volkstod vorantreiben Nie wieder Deutschland” (Advance the folk perish. No more Germany).


The following antifa poster is as bad as it gets, it says:

“For more forced-rape of ethnic Germans!” – the upper part

“Still loving Volkstod” (Volkstod is a German word which means “death of the ethnic folk) – bubble on the right

“For the destruction of pure-german genotypes!” – bottom


There is a group in Germany known as ‘Anti-Deutsch’ who differ from other antifa groups in that they support Israel as well as hating Germany and the German people. They have their origins in a Communist student organisation and unconditionally support for Israel, the Jews, and America.

Here are some more examples of the disgusting anti German banners used by these social misfits.

“All Good Things Come From Above” (a German proverb), Antifa banner mocking Dresden war dead, Dresden Feb. 13th, 2005.

“Have Abortions [Abtreiben] Against Germany” — Sign held at far-left demonstration in Berlin.

Thank You Mr. Harris — No Tears for Krauts. [A reference to “Bomber Harris”, British RAF supreme commander in WWII]. Flyer announcing support for German deaths at Dresden in 1945.

We love treason
Against nationalism, history revisionism and against Germany too!

We love genocide
For something better than the nation!

No love for a Germany! No nation No border.

30/1/33 Start of the 2nd German catastrophe
3/10/90 Start of the 3rd German catastrophe
Down with greater Germany.

For more information on anti-deutsch see the following link:

The following excerpt from the book ‘Auschwitz – A Judge looks at the evidence’ written by Wilhelm Stäglich sums up the devastating impact the falsification of history has had on the German people and especially each new generation poisoned with debilitating Ethnomasochism.

“A most depressing example of a people forging its own chains is to be seen in the almost fanatical tenacity with which so many Germans cling to feelings of guilt that have been implanted in them about an epoch in which bitter necessity impelled the German people to seek an independent path to the future. Many things go into the make-up our national guilt complex, but more than anything else it is the product of deliberate misinformation about the German past. As a result of this artificial and utterly baseless guilt complex, at no time since the fall of the Third Reich has the German people been able to bring itself to pursue its own political interests. Mendacious propaganda of a kind and scope perhaps unique in history has insidiously —and thus all the more effectively— deprived it of the national self-confidence required for such a policy. Just as an individual cannot get along without a healthy measure of personal self-esteem, so a people without a sense of national self-esteem cannot maintain its political independence. In the long run, this political propaganda disguised as “historiography” can have a positively lethal effect on the nation.

“Cleverly using the Auschwitz Myth to represent itself as the sacrosanct embodiment of “Humanity” —and the German people as the embodiment of utter evil— international Jewry has laid claim to a privileged status among nations.”


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    1. To prevent them finding out the truth.

      (c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide; Arrest them.

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