London Has Fallen? You Can Say That Again


A new film is due to be released in 2016 called ‘London Has Fallen,’ so we decided to add our own wording to one of the posters for the new film.

In the real world, London has indeed fallen, but not as some Hollywood film script would have it. No, London has fallen to political treachery, mass immigration, Jewish usury and the mass apathy of the once indigenous population who have fled the city in their hundreds of thousands as multiracialism was forced upon them and their communities and neighbourhoods were changed beyond recognition as millions of racial and cultural aliens moved in.

The indigenous population of London are now a minority in their own capital city, in a mere 50 years the unique British identity of London has almost been erased.

Entire areas of the city have been completely colonised by Africans and Asians. White British people are literally strangers in their own city.

I have been to London on many occasions, i have seen first hand what London has become and it is not an exaggeration to say that the city is no longer British. To all intents and purposes it is a foreign enclave within British borders.

Britain, like many Western European nations and like America, Canada and Australia are becoming balkanised. The volatile situation that has been created has been no accident. It has come about as part of intentional political decisions designed to socially and demographically engineer nations. This is something that is happening only in nations with an overwhelming white European majority.

Towns and cities are divided along racial, cultural and religious lines. It is a recipe for disaster. Far from being a ‘strength,’ this enforced ‘diversity’ is a source of conflict and resentment which will inevitability lead to clashes between the different groups who are forced to live together. The political class, in service of their financial masters are fully aware of this, but it serves the overall agenda of what it is they are striving to achieve. It is completely delusional to believe that politicians are not aware of what is happening and what the future holds. They are fully conscious of what mass race replacement  immigration means, yet they deny it, create laws to stop people speaking out about it, and actually continue the process by holding the door open to hundreds of thousands of new immigrants annually.

So yes, London has fallen, but in the real world away from the world of Jewish controlled Hollywood, it is a lot worse. It is an everyday reality that deteriorates more and more with each passing day.


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