‘Study’ encourages and promotes Miscegenation and White Genocide


What this ‘study’ is telling you, is not to have white children, because white children are ‘inferior’ to mixed race children. Not only is this absolute nonsense, but it is blatant incitement to White Genocide via the promotion of miscegenation. This isn’t a scientific study, and more fool anybody who thinks that it is, this is ideologically motivated genocide propaganda.

Don’t they try and tell you that race doesn’t exist and that it is merely a social construct? Don’t they tell you that the only difference is skin colour? Yet here they are with this nonsense claiming that ‘mixing races’ (miscegenation), produces ‘smarter and taller children.’ They are telling you that children who are mixed race are superior to white children. Remember that they are also telling you that race doesn’t exist, it is an illusion they say at the same as telling you that MIXING the races produces a superior species. If race doesn’t exist then how can they be mixed? If we are all the same then how can ‘mixed race’ children be superior? It is like demanding racial diversity then denying the existence of race and calling someone a racist for disagreeing with you.

It should be blatantly obvious by now that this is nothing but anti-white propaganda filled with hypocrisy and contradictions which expose the lies and real agenda behind it. This is just another anti-white pseudo-scientific study aimed at encouraging white women to breed non-white children. It is the same as the cheap and nasty MTV style miscegenation propaganda poison pumped out to our youth on a daily basis.

If you have white children that look like you and are the continuation of your ancestral line, then according to these people your children are stupid compared to those who destroy their ancestral line in an instant destroying thousands of years of racial continuity.

Our race has produced more than any other on this planet, it has discovered new frontiers, has provided life changing technology amd medicine, it has created unparalleled civilisation and has produced the best musicians, architects and literary giants. And they want you to believe that destroying that race is good and beneficial? Only a damned fool would fall for such lies.

The headline behind the headline is ‘don’t have white children, mix with non-whites because your children will be taller and smarter.’

This is incitement to demographic genocide.


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2 thoughts on “‘Study’ encourages and promotes Miscegenation and White Genocide

  1. Let me ask you this simple yet provocative question. If the above image featured a White European man and a Black woman,would that be just fine? After all a child lucky enough to have a White father would have hot the genetic jackpot right?

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