Racial Self-Segregation is Normal, Natural and Healthy


An article today in the Daily Mail asks what does it tell us about race in Britain today when football players separate themselves by race?

Never mind what it tells us about race in Britain today, what does it tell us about race in all of human history?

The answer to that is very simple, self segregation along racial lines is completely natural. You can try and force different races together, but ultimately, all races separate themselves instinctively by race. It tells us that race is real, it is biological and it is psychological. There is a feeling of security among your own race and a preference for people like yourself. It isn’t ‘racism’ it is as natural as you can get. Right across the natural world all species do it, yet we question why we ourselves do it.

I have seen it on the local university campus, I have seen blacks, whites, Chinese, Indians and Muslims self segregate and it is blatantly obvious to anybody aware to the natural reality of it.

We are a part of nature, we are not exempt from the laws of nature and everything that goes with it. Trying to work against mother nature is futile and extremely naive. Race denialism is denial of what mother nature created.

Racial self-segregation is seen in our towns and cities, whilst there is a certain level of mixing between the different racial communities, the overwhelming majority prefer to live among their own race. White flight is a perfect example of this. 600k whites moved out of London ad a result of the imposition of a multiracial society upon them. They didn’t want it, they left to live in majority white areas.

In the North West of England, towns are divided along racial, cultural and religious lines. This is what each community wants, they don’t want to integrate. They want their own areas with their own race, culture and religion.

The only people who lose out of course are the whites because it is we who have had multiracialism forced upon us. It is whites who are losing their communities, their identity and nations.

Racial self-segregation is normal natural and healthy, forcing races together and expecting them to integrate is abnormal, unnatural and unhealthy.

Work with mother nature not against her.



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