The Diversity Lie in American Universities Exposed


Excerpt from the book ‘The Zionist Conspiracy’ by Dr David Duke

The Big Lie of Diversity in the Ivy League:

It will be exposed and thoroughly documented in the next chapter that the leading universities of the United States follow draconian, racist admissions policies that result in a massive, Jewish over-representation of mind-boggling proportions.

When one compares the over-representation of Jews to the under-representation of other ethnic groups and races, the Jewish percentages are mind-blowing. The lack of diversity balloons to incredible levels, in fact it is completely incongruent to the hallowed principles of diversity. 

Non-Jews make up 98 percent of the population of the United States—but are only 75 percent of the Harvard student population.
Jews make up 1.8 percent of the total population, yet their student-age population makes up 25 percent of Harvard. This means that Jewish representation is 1,389 percent of what it should be if the principle of the diversity of society were actually being reflected in the student body.

In simple terms, Jews at Harvard are 13 times overrepresented in comparison to non-Jews. This overrepresentation of Jews and the under-representation of Gentiles falls hardest on the three largest American population groups, European Americans, Hispanic Americans and African Americans. It is less extreme, but still egregious against Asian Americans.

It is easy to compute the mathematical percentage of overrepresentation of Jews in comparison with other racial/ethnic groups. One only has to simply determine the overrepresentation of Jewish students in comparison with their U.S. population and then factor that with the under-representation of the particular racial/ethnic group. The calculation shows the comparative ratio. 

The per capita Jewish representation in comparison to Asians is 370 percent. As bad as that is, it even gets a lot more extreme when one looks at the three largest racial/ethnic groups in America. In comparison to Hispanic Americans Jews are 3,090 percent over-represented.

Compared to African Americans Jews are 3,150 percent over-represented. Compared to European Americans Jews are proportionately a staggering 4,680 percent over-represented. The overwhelming image presented by the mainstream media is that the elite of America is European American, and that there is massive “white racism” and “white privilege” which dominates American academia and society. Yet, the shocking reality is that European Americans are, by a wide margin, the most underrepresented race at the elite universities of America. 

A neat trick, isn’t it? Incite non-European people to anger at the European Americans, while the real racist oligarchs are above criticism for any of the policies that deeply harm the other 98 percent of the population, including the Asian, African American and Hispanic population of the United States. Jewish Discrimination Against All Races Knowing that they had a obedient political establishment and media establishment overwhelmingly in their hands, in the early years of the 21st Century the Jewish tribalists pushed on the accelerator of Jewish anti-Gentile discrimination. Ron Unz writes:

“Furthermore, the Harvard enrollment changes over the last decade have been even more unusual when we compare them to changes in the underlying demographics. Between 2000 and 2011, the relative percentage of college-age blacks enrolled at Harvard dropped by 18 percent, along with declines of 13 percent for Asians and for Hispanics, while only whites increased, expanding their relative enrollment by 16 percent. However, this is merely an optical illusion: in fact, the figure for non-Jewish whites slightly declined, while the relative enrollment of Jews increased by over 35 percent, probably reaching the highest level in Harvard’s entire history. Thus, the relative presence of Jews rose sharply while that of all other groups declined, and this occurred during exactly the period when the once-remarkable academic performance of Jewish high school students seemed to suddenly collapse.”

Because of incessant media images and portrayals of intellectually superior Jews, perhaps some people can’t be blamed for thinking Jewish numerical supremacy at Harvard occurs simply because they are intellectually superior. The same supposed Jewish superiority is used regularly to explain the Jewish elite dominating Hollywood, media, finance and their impressive political influence. 

However, on close examination, even if one assumes that the Jewish 1.8 percent of the population is somewhat smarter on average, it is mathematically absurd to think that 1.8 percent of the population would comprise a greater number of top performing students than every other racial/ethnic group of vastly larger populations.

Ron Unz, a Harvard graduate and prominent writer for the Wall Street Journal, who himself is of Jewish heritage, has thoroughly examined the subject in an exhaustive research paper, “The Myth of American Meritocracy.”


The Diversity deception manifests itself in many different ways,  ‘positive discrimination,’ ‘affirmative action,’ mass racial displacement of one race as a result of the importation of other races, mass immigration of the Third World into European nations and only into European nations, and our impending minority status as a result being some of the most obvious. However the excerpt above shows how Jews don’t apply the same ideas to themselves.

Whilst being at the forefront of pushing the diversity deception onto white Europeans, Jews don’t believe in so called diversity for their own tribe. The ‘diversity’ they espouse is for whites only and is aimed at dis-empowering whites. When it comes to allocating university places, or positions in the media, the entertainment industry, film industry, politics and banking, Jews use the most racist and ethnocentric tactics to ensure their own dominance over everybody else.

This isn’t a result of ‘superior intelligence’ or a better ‘work ethic,’ far from it, it is a result of extreme ethnic networking and Jewish Group Evolutionary Strategy. The Jews operate as a cohesive group and in their own interests as Jews. They perpetuate the myth that this overrepresentation is because of their ‘academic achievement’ and therefore is merited, when in actual fact it is a complete falsehood as European American students consistently outperform their Jewish counterparts. The mythical narrative that Jews present, in which they are somehow academically and intellectually superior to Gentiles and therefore dominate the institutions of nations they reside in, is to cover up their ethnic networking. They operate as a team to ensure that they win, and sabotage the opposition team to ensure that they lose.

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