How does that work? How is it that the NWO have been so succesful in creating an unwashed army of subservient nose ringed slaves out of people who perversely think of themselves as ‘rebels’. And why do those slaves attack the very people who would save them?

It is not until one realises that ‘Marxist Socialism/Communism’ and ‘Supercapitalism’ are the same. Socialism demands that…all of the economic and social functions of society are subservient to and controlled by the state. The ‘state’ is said to represent the people.

Supercapitalism¬†demands that all of the social and economic functions of society are subservient to and controlled by…. the corporation.

When we realise that the state is nothing more than a corporation masquerading as a pseudo democratic government we realise that the ‘evil capitalists’ are indeed the socialists that their slaves think they are protesting against…. and then go on protest marches waving Communist/Marxist/Trotskyite banners. So the sheeple protest against the system, by waving banners, and joining organisations which support the system.

Socialism is the poison
masquerading as the cure. Socialism creates a state monopoly dependant on people but funding the rich elite. The rich elite pretend they have the best interests of the people at heart. They never do. As the people begin to realise this the rich socialist elite have to become ever more oppressive in order to maintain power.

This is what is happening in our society today. Governments are controlled by the NWO elites and maintain a ‘middle of the road’ or ‘right of centre’ image when they are indeed far left. That way as liberty and economic prosperity deminish they can blame the ‘right’ (their image) for the disasters created by their Marxist politics. That way people, trusting their false perceptions, will never support or turn to the very people who would save them from the disaster of Marxist politics. Marxism gains an ever increasing influence and an ever strengthened position in government.

The way out of this is to show people that Marxist socialism and supercapitalism are one and the same. And that when they support left wing philosophy, they are supporting the same monopolistic tyranny they think they are against. Socialism is NOT power to the people. It IS power to the state, and the state is a corporation, which allows the people no liberty and trades their labour on the international market to the benefit only of the rich power elite. Marxist socialism is the poison masquerading as the cure.

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