Promotion and Support of White Genocide Goes Mainstream



“There is a whole other dynamic that we are missing here, more than a million people are mixed race, fastest growing ethnic group in the country. Within a couple of generations this will seem like a really redundant debate because people are falling in love with each other and making babies. And that’s where the future lies and that’s where our hopes should be.”

– Cole Moreton, lead interviewer and feature writer for the Sunday Telegraph speaking on ‘The Big Questions.’

Let us look at the this quote in more detail and elaborate on what this anti-white is actually saying.

First of all, this quote comes from a show called ‘The Big Questions’ hosted by Nicky Campbell. The show was given the title ‘Are we afraid to talk about race.’ Predictably the line up of speakers giving their opinion were carefully selected puppets and non-whites whose interests are not in the future racial and cultural homogeneity of Britain, but in their OWN racial and cultural interests. There were no speakers allowed who spoke up specifically for white interests, this isn’t surprising as we all know. These panelists who desire the day when Britain becomes minority white don’t believe in ‘diversity’ at all. They don’t care whatsoever about the fact that whites are being racially displaced by politically and ideologically motivated mass immigration. When whites become the minority, there will be no demands for more whites because of a ‘lack of diversity.’ These people want whites gone, out of the way, dis-empowered. They support the policies and conditions of life being forced upon us that will lead to our displacement.

Back to the quote.

In the context of the show the quote came towards the end of the programme after almost 40 minutes of non-whites telling us that “blacks cannot be racist” and that whites were to blame for everything, the usual sketch, you know the one, whites are responsible for black poverty, lack of black achievement, black crime, black murder, black rape etc etc but…’blacks can’t be racist.’

The quote is quite revealing because while it tells us some truth, it also exposes the mentality of the anti-whites and their desire to see Britain and Europe, America etc become minority white. They don’t hide the fact that they support genocidal levels of mass immigration and desire the day when whites lose their position of power in the our own nations.

Let us break the quote down.

“More than a million people are mixed race, fastest growing ethnic group in the country.”

This is true, but what he fails to mention is that along with mass immigration of non-whites has been an incessant promotion of miscegenation via the media of which he is a part, entertainment, film, the music industry, academia, politics etc. Everywhere whites go now they are bombarded with multiracial miscegenation propaganda that is designed to implant an image of a minority white future in the minds of whites. It is also designed to encourage whites to miscegenate. This comes with the false idea that ‘race is a social construct’ a myth created by the Jewish anthropological fraud Franz Boas. The reality of race was no longer recognised by whites and so mixing the races was not seen as a bad thing to do, afterall, they were told that the only difference was skin colour. Whites gradually lost their racial consciousness as a result of constant indoctrination and lost the natural instinct of self-preservation.

The media and entertainment industry made it fashionable for a white woman to be seen with a black male, this was purposefully intended to poison the minds of young white girls. White men were portrayed as being inferior, undesirable and boring compared to the portrayal of blacks. The rise in the mixed race population has been a result of this intended social and racial engineering of society. Much in the same way as Edward Bernay’s (Jewish nephew of Sigmund Freud) the father of public relations, made it fashionable for women to smoke, and thereby increased the profit from the sale of cigarettes, they made miscegenation fashionable through the same sort of public relations propaganda and for the purposes of displacing the white majority to the benefit of those pushing it.

The miscegenation propaganda is only being promoted to whites in white nations, it isn’t being promoted to Africans and it isn’t being promoted to Asians. Only whites are being poisoned with this genocidal message.

“Within a couple of generations this will seem like a really redundant debate because people are falling in love with each other and making babies. And that’s where the future lies and that’s where our hopes should be.”

What he says here is also true, largely as a result of what has been said above. The most important part of the quote here is where he says that: “this is where our future lies and it’s where our hopes should be.” This is advocating, supporting and encouraging white Genocide. He knows that by the end of this century whites in Britain will be a minority, he wants that to happen and wants you to think that it is a good thing that you will lose your majority status in your own country. He wants you to actively participate in your own Genocide by mixing yourself out of existence.

Basically what he is saying here is that he believes it is a good thing that whites are being racially displaced by large scale non-white immigration brought about by puppet politicians and the Jewish moneyed interests that dictate the policies of government.

If a white journalist was to state that he believed whites have interests as whites and should be allowed to maintain their majority status in their own racial homelands, then he would be fired instantly. Yet a journalist who speaks openly of his desire for whites to dissappear as a result of miscegenation is deemed acceptable and even received a round of applause from the non-whites and whites in the audience.

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2 thoughts on “Promotion and Support of White Genocide Goes Mainstream

  1. Cultural Marxism should in reality be called “Cultural Foolishness” because that is exactly what it is. Denial of race and gender as well as hatred for religion and family will inevitably cause society to crumble, which it is already doing.

    If you are looking for the roots of Frankfurt School ideology, I would recommend looking up the Sabbatean and Frankist Jewish heresies, of which I have written about. Everything will start to make sense.

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