Judeo-Boasian Anthropology is Subversive and Psychological Racial Warfare


“There has always been a lively, if sometimes hushed, inhouse discourse about American anthropology’s Jewish origins and their meaning. The preponderance of Jewish intellectuals in the early years of Boasian Anthropology and the Jewish identities of anthropologists in subsequent generations have been downplayed in standard histories of the discipline. This essay brings together strands of these various discourses on Jews in anthropology for a new generation of American anthropologists, especially ones concerned with turning multiculturalist theories into agendas for activism. There has also been a whitewashing of Jewish ethnicity, reflecting fears of Anti-Semitic reactions that could discredit the discipline of anthropology and individual anthropologists, either because Jews were considered dangerous due to their presumed racial differences or because they were associated with radical causes.” –

– Gelya Frank, “Jews Multiculturalism and Boasian Anthropology,” in the American Anthropologist.

The above quote shows us exactly who dominates the anthropological field of so called science, and when you realise what these people are upto, you will realise that you are engaged in a life and death struggle for your very existence as a people on this planet.


Boasian Anthropology is a pseudo-scientific Jewish assault on White European racial consciousness and identity. To put it simply, the Jewish Boasian school of Anthropology suggested wrongly, that ‘race was a social construct’ not rooted in biology or scientific determinism. This falsehood served many purposes for the ethnically driven Jewish subversives behind it who were operating in the best interests of Jews, against what they viewed as a potentially hostile racial group ie White Europeans.

This is what has come to be known as Jewish Group Evolutionary Strategy, ie Jews in specific areas working together for the interests of Jews in society. For example, in media, banking, film and academia, Jews will dominate and promote ideas and stories that are beneficial to them and detrimental to the target group which in this case, is the white European. Racial consciousness is frowned upon when whites display it, but Jews are fully aware of their own ethnic Jewishness and do everything possible to preserve it.

Jews will ensure that fellow Jews reach the top in any given institution by using ethnic or racial networking. This is why Jews occupy many important and influential positions. It isn’t because of a superior intelligence, it is because of Jewish racial networking and their use of group evolutionary strategy to achieve their aims. This is ‘positive discrimination’ in action, but this particular discrimination is kept from the public consciousness. It is also something that is not a new phenomenon, it has been going on for centuries hence the reason Jews have come to control so much today.

Think about it this way, Israel is considered to be the “Jewish state” exclusively for the “Jewish people,” yet we can’t have European states for European people because that is somehow ‘wrong and racist.’ What will it take for people to realise that mass immigration and the Judeo-Boasian myths are a racially motivated and racially aggravated assault upon us all as Europeans and our racial future in our own homelands? The myths about race being a ‘social construct’ are designed to advance another groups interests.

There is an old German proverb which says that there is ‘No lie so gross that it does not find believers.’ And this sums up the Boasian scam. 

Race Consciousness for the White man is considered by most people to be ‘wrong’ ‘racist’ and ‘evil’ because of Jewish propaganda (deceit), which says that white homogeneity and hegemony in our own homelands is somehow dangerous and a precursor to ‘Fascism.’ However for the Jews, their ‘Jewish consciousness’ is absolutely ‘crucial to their existence as Jews’ and to their control over Gentile nations. The Jews fully understand that being a fractured people racially and culturally leads to your eventual destruction as a specific racial and cultural group. The White Europeans understood this once, and need to rediscover it quickly before it is to late.

Denying one group their racial consciousness, via complete and utter brainwashing, whilst acknowledging it for your own group, is blatant race war, a war of racial subversion, a war which pollutes the minds of one group to the benefit of another. If one mind is racially conscious and the other isn’t, then who do you think will survive and dominate in the long run?

Jared Diamond, a modern day Jewish anthropologist, is a perfect example of the deception at play in the Judeo-Boasian scam that tells us race does not exist. He is very happy that we can tell who is Jewish and who isn’t. He said that it was:

“great that we now have DNA studies to show who is Jew and non Jew.”

By taking over (infiltrating) the field of Anthropology, which had always previously acknowledged the reality of race, the Jewish pseudo-scientific fraudsters set about deconstructing that reality. Race was to become a ‘meaningless concept’ which they said was not based on any scientific explanations, but on environmental and sociological explanations. This was outright racial warfare using subversion and deception to make White Europeans susceptible to their racial displacement without raising so much as a murmur in opposition.

If race was ‘not real’ as the Judeo-Boasians had suggested, then what did whites have to fight for? If their racial consciousness no longer existed because of decades of mind manipulation, then whites were always going to be vulnerable to being dominated by other racial groups flooding into their nations who had a clear understanding of how important group allegiance was. It is no coincidence that mass immigration came about at a time when the Judeo-Boasian myths were being perpetuated.


Who was Franz Boas?

Franz Boas was born into a radical Jewish family in Minden, Westphalia in 1858. He emigrated to America in 1887 and in 1899 became professor of anthropology at Columbia University.

Boas was one of the first people to promote the idea of racial egalitarianism, or the idea that the races are absolutely equal. He pushed the idea that race was not determined by biological factors but by cultural and environmental  factors. He argued that skull size and cranial capacity could change over time because of health and nutrition. Therefore according to Boas, race was not biologically determined but was determined by culture and environment.

This false idea dominates societal thinking today, not only in academia, but in society at large. Even among people who have absolutely no idea who Franz Boas was and what his motivations were. They just accept what they are told without any critical thinking of their own. They are to lazy to delve deep into the reasons why they have been led to believe that they don’t exist as racial group and as a result are being racially replaced. This is the same society that preaches the mantra that ‘racial diversity is our strength’ yet denies its existence when it comes to White Europeans wanting to pursue their interests as White Europeans. All of a sudden, race doesn’t exist then according to the same people who demand ‘racial diversity.’

If society bangs the genocidal drum of ‘racial diversity,’ by denying that race exists, so what then I ask, is ‘racial diversity?’ The same society that is obsessed with race and ‘racism’ and a society that has the word ‘racist’ lodged in its collective throat, but apparently race ‘doesn’t exist?’ So what then, is a racist?  The race denialists are pathologically obsessed with one thing, can anyone hazard a guess as to what it might be?  I will give you a clue, it is a four letter word beginning with ‘R.’

When one thinks about it logically and acknowledges that there is an agenda at play in denying the reality of race, you come to realise that in actual fact, the denial of race is in itself a social construct. Franz Boas was a Jewish ‘anti-racist’ who wanted to distort the truth surrounding race and used his position to advance his racially motivated agenda.

One good marker that points to the ethnic motivation of Boas, was his admission to the reality of race before he became the preeminent advocate of ‘absolute racial equality’ motivated by a desire to weaken and ultimately destroy white European race consciousness specifically for Jewish interests.

In ‘The Mind of Primitive Man,’ he wrote: 

“Differences of Structure must be accompanied by differences of function, physiological as well as psychological; and, as we found clear evidence of differences in structure between races, so we must anticipate that the differences in mental characteristics will be found.”

He also said in this 1908 speech on “Race Problems in America”:

“I do not believe that the negro is, in his physical and mental make-up, the same as the European. The anatomical differences are so great that corresponding mental differences are plausible. There may exist differences in character and in the direction of specific aptitudes. There is, however, no proof whatever that these differences signify any appreciable degree of inferiority of the negro, notwithstanding the slightly inferior size, and perhaps lesser complexity of structure, of his brain; for these racial differences are much less than the range of variation found in either race considered by itself.” (Boas, 1974, pp. 328-329)

So much for race being a ‘social construct’ then. Boas was an ethnocentric Jewish leftist who viewed his work as being crucial in the struggle against the despised White European and his civilisation. In short, Boas was a racially motivated fraud. He was somebody who had a strong Jewish identification and was concerned by ‘anti-semitism.’ It would be foolish to suggest that this wasn’t a motivating factor in his position of chair of the American Association of Anthropology.

Dr Kevin MacDonald summed it up in an article on the Occidental Observer when he wrote:

“A century ago, there was a robust Darwinian science of race differences, from differences in head shape and cranial capacity, to differences in intelligence and behavioral restraint. However, this young science was nipped in the bud. But not because it was displaced by a new, powerful, empirically based theory. Rather, the demise of racial science came about because of intellectual movements dominated by ethnic Jews and tightly linked to the political left.

This was a case of science being replaced by ideology—an ideology designed to oppose the idea that Europeans were in any way unique or superior. Ultimately, it was an ideology that rationalized the decline of Europeans and their culture that we see all around us today.”

Boas the Gramscian Marxist.

In an article entitled: ‘Franz Boas as Citizen-Scientist: Gramscian-Marxist Influence on American Anthropology’ Gary Bullert states that:

“After consolidating a hegemonic position in the discipline of anthropology in the United States, Franz Boas devoted his later years to deploying his “scientific” authority as a means to facilitate radical political-social transformation.”

The article also states that Boas used his position as chair of a department of anthropology at Columbia University, to strategically place pseudo-scientific conformists around the country employing the Gramscian strategy of infiltration and subversion, the ‘long march’ through the institutions.

Boas came from a family of Jewish Socialists, his grandparents were radical socialists and so it stands to reason that Boas had been raised in an environment of radical left-wing ideas which no doubt played a pivotal role in his later work. Describing Boas as an exponent of the Gramscian Marxist strategy seems like a valid argument to me. The denial of a biological explanation for race has been something that has gained momentum over the decades. The march of race denialism has certainly been a long march as Gramsci had advised.

From Culture of Critique:

‘Boas and his students were intensely concerned with pushing an ideological agenda within the American anthropological profession (Degler 1991; Freeman 1991; Torrey 1992). Boas and his associates had a sense of group identity, a commitment to a common viewpoint, and an agenda to dominate the institutional structure of anthropology (Stocking 1968, 279–280). They were a compact group with a clear intellectual and political agenda.’

People will attempt to downplay the Jewish nature of so called Boasian Anthropology, they will say “what has him being Jewish got to do with it” or “what does it matter if most of these Boasian Anthropologists were Jews.” They just don’t get it and probably never will. What they don’t realise, and which is blatantly obvious, is the contradictory narrative of these Jewish anthropologists who say that ‘race exists for me but not for thee.’ There is no consistency in their so called arguments. These Jewish subversives are the most racially aware and ethnocentric people on the planet. Everything they do is racially motivated, they want to preserve their Jewishness and openly acknowledge that the Jews are a racial group that must have a Jewish state.

For Europeans however, we are a ‘social construct’ and therefore we shouldn’t oppose mass immigration, forced assimilation and miscegenation, and we should not oppose our impending minority status. When we reach that point, the Jews plan to still be a racially homogenous group exerting their hegemony over us all financially, nationally, politically and socially.

Allowing ourselves to be taken in by this Boasian poison is killing us as a race. If we don’t start realising what is behind the deception then we will have allowed ourselves to be destroyed as a racial group without so much as stone being thrown.

I often use this analogy when speaking to somebody who has absolutely no idea about racial differences. If an African man walked down Tokyo high street, how many Japanese people do you think would be stupid enough to say “oh look, there goes a black Japanese man?” They would fully understand that the African man was not Japanese. The same applies to a Japanese man walking down any high street in Africa. And neither the African or the Japanese man, would be so stupid and so altruistically suicidal as to want their homelands to become minority African or minority Japanese.

In Europe however, the vast majority of people have been indoctrinated to ignore these obvious differences. They actually believe that a man of African descent born in Europe, is European, it is absolutely insane. When Europe becomes minority European both racially and culturally, then the brainwashed masses will still view the African and Asian hordes as being ‘just as European as they are.’ And all this whilst the African and Asian hordes fully understand that they exist as racial and cultural groups and will pursue their own interests as racial and cultural groups. The zombified European masses still believing in the Judeo-Boasian lie will still go on demonstrations singing ‘we are black white Asian and Jew.’

Accepting that race exists and that you have interests as a racial group, does not mean harming others. Since the beginning of time the human species has identified with their own distinctive groups and have built societies based on pursuing the interests of that group. This was 100% in accordance with nature. To be weak and submissive was to allow other groups to dominate you, this is why strong in-group loyalty and hostility to out-groups became paramount to survival, this is the natural instinct we have lost today.

The Boasian decievers would have us believe that identifying as a racial group will lead to the mass oppression of others. These people are the enemies of racial identity and of true human bio-diversity. They will say that all we have to do to see the ‘dangers’ of nationalism and racial consciousness, is to look at the ‘holocaust.’ This they say is where identifying with your own race and nation will lead. Again, this is consistent with the Jewish Group Evolutionary Strategy we mentioned earlier of which Boasian Anthropology is certainly linked with.

What they want you to do is to deny race exists, mix with other races, and surrender your nations entirely to multiracialism, because it benefits Jews as a group.  European racial consciousness does not allow out-group domination of European societies, hence the all out assault on White European racial consciousness.

People who are racially aware and who identify with their racial group have no interest in hurting people of other races. I wouldn’t want to hurt non-whites just because they are non-white. What I oppose is the collective impact of mass non-white immigration into European countries. Not only because of the impact on our racial identity, but because of the inevitable conflict that comes with forcing different racial groups together. This is a problem our children will have to face and I find that to be the worst of all betrayals. To say that I or others hate non-whites simply because they are non-white is a ludicrous statement, and is a very simplistic argument in a very complicated situation. I would have more in common with a man of African descent who held the same nationalistic and racial beliefs that I have, than I would with a self loathing Ethnomasochist white European who has been so brainwashed that he actively seeks the racial annihilation of his own people. Racial awareness is for all, every distinct racial group should have the right to live in a society that represents their ancestral racial heritage. They should not be made to feel bad about that most basic of natural laws which is self preservation.

Carleton Putnam put is succinctly when he wrote in a paper entitled  “General Race Differences,” Feb. 5, 1969, that the Boasians gave:

‘the Negro the idea that he has a grudge against the White man and the White man the notion he should feel guilty about the Negro. The grudge incites the Negro to riots and crime, and the guilt leads the White man to a policy of perpetual permissiveness and appeasement.’

It is important to try and have an understanding of Boasian anthropology and how it is used to push anti-white cultural marxist attitudes. It is nothing more than an infiltrated scientific field that uses decpetion and dishonesty to mould scientific and public opinions based on race to destroy the white race.

They now want to ban all studies and scientific research into racial differences, there is no freedom for true scientists to explore racial differences without being ostracised by the rest of the ideologically driven ‘scientific community.’ Why would anybody want to ban scientific researchers if not to stop them further exposing an already accepted fact, that they, the pseudo-scientists have attempted for decades to discredit?


Boasian Anthropology and Cultural Marxism

As we already know, Cultural Marxism demonises the White heterosexual male with the intention of displacing him and destroying Western Civilisation which he built. The Boasian denial of race is used to do this. Denying that the White European exists as a distinct and unique racial group is part of the process.

Whites as a race are on the receiving end of incessant criticism by the Cultural Marxists, despite being told that we don’t exist as a racial group, they want us to believe that as a race, we are responsible for all of the worlds ills.

To ensure the displacement of White Europeans and the weakening of Western Civilisation, the Judeo Frankfurt School subversives wanted to remove any semblance of racial identity that White Europeans had. The Boasian scam was the way in which they were to do this. They planted the seeds of race denialism and watched as the myth grew into a poisonous plant of racial suicide among White Europeans. Mass racial apathy in the face of multiracialism ensued, and led to where we are today, on the brink of becoming a racial minority in our own nations and all for believing in a Jewish lie that tells you that you are ‘a social construct.’

The link between Boasian Anthropology and the Frankfurt School is telling as to the ethnic motivation behind the deceptions they promoted.

Cultural Marxism has become so dominant in society for many reasons, but the ‘race is a social construct’ narrative has undoubtedly propelled it to where it is today. The social sciences are founded upon this myth. Everything is explained away as being a result of society/environment, and never as result of heredity. For example, black criminality will be described as a manifestation of ‘socio-economic’ factors usually a result of ‘white racism,’ but never as a result of black behaviour.

Well known science journalist Nicholas Wade in an article titled “What Science Says About Race and Genetics” had this to say about the reality of race:

“A longstanding orthodoxy among social scientists holds that human races are a social construct and have no biological basis.
“In the decade since the decoding of the human genome, a growing wealth of data has made clear that these two positions, never at all likely to begin with, are simply incorrect. There is indeed a biological basis for race.”

“An illustration of the point is the fact that with mixed race populations, such as African Americans, geneticists can now track along an individual’s genome, and assign each segment to an African or European ancestor, an exercise that would be impossible if race did not have some basis in biological reality.”

“Racism and discrimination are wrong as a matter of principle, not of science.”

It is becoming ever more apparent that the Boasian school of Anthropology was nothing short of a complete scam which was far from being scientific. It was an ideologically motivated Jewish deception from the very beginning that targeted specifically White Europeans.

Franz Boas Liberal Icon –
Scientific Fraud

Boas’ assertion in a 1912 study that cranial capacity changed as a result of an individuals environment over one or two generations has since been proven to be incorrect. It is also widely believed that Boas knew his ‘findings’ were not legitimate but due to his political leanings and Jewish ethnocentrism, he allowed false findings to be passed off as scientific fact. It is this purposeful falsification of science that has permeated the minds of a great many Europeans who have fallen for the deception.

Boas used this false study to push the false idea that race was not biologically determined, and that racial differences were a result of environment and culture and therefore could be ‘changed.’


Why anybody would want to deny their own biological existence determined by mother nature is beyond me. How people cannot see that Boasian Anthropology is an ideologically motivated load of nonsense I don’t know. We are supposed to believe in differences being good, yet they want us to believe that we are all exactly the same. They tell us racial diversity is our strength, then tell us that race is a social construct. They call people racist, then deny race exists. The contradictory nature of their ‘arguments’ exposes them repeatedly.

New scientific findings are coming out that only confirm the reality of race, and opposition to it is almost laughable now. However it is no laughing matter for Europeans wherever they live in the world. The end goal of Cultural Marxism, Mass Immigration, Boasian Anthropology and the race laws to shut you up, is the irreparable displacement of the White European who has always been the target of this sinister and subversive hostile elite that controls our nations.

They may try and supress the truth about the reality of race, but what they can no longer supress is the reality of where we are headed as a race. Only we can change that. And exposing the Boasian deception is an important part of bringing that change about. Stop believing in the Jewish lies about race being a social construct and take a walk around your capital city to see what the motivation behind the deception is. They want you to deny the reality of race and ignore the fact that you have interests as a racial group, to the point where it is to late to do anything about it.

You only have to look at Western European nations today along with the United States and Canada to see how the majority European populations have been totally taken in by this egalitarianist false Boasian narrative. There is no other people on this Earth who would have fallen for such obvious lies, and if the European had not lost his racial consciousness and his natural instinct for self-preservation and racial survival, then we wouldn’t be in this position today.

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2 thoughts on “Judeo-Boasian Anthropology is Subversive and Psychological Racial Warfare

  1. Are you familiar with Mussolini’s conception of race as a feeling? He was averse to acknowledging race’s biological reality, but surely we must not be averse to acknowledging race’s social/spiritual reality? Evola has also written on this subject.

    We should not argue that “race is a social construct” is totally wrong, because it is true, though only a part of the truth. Race is not constructed solely by society, but society does play a role in shaping the racial awareness of a people, along with their hopeful unity as a biological sub-species of human.

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