Labour MP for Rochdale raises Pakistani flag over town hall and attempts to have woman arrested for ‘upsetting’ the Pakistani community.


These Labour politicians really are the absolute scum of the Earth and the vilest of traitors.

Simon Danczuk the Labour MP for Rochdale, has the audacity to report a woman (Katie Hopkins) to the police for stating the bloody obvious truth that everybody is now aware of, that Muslim men mostly of Pakistani origin have groomed and sexually abused thousands of our nations young daughters.

This comes after Danczuk had raised the Pakistani flag over Rochdale town hall to mark ‘Pakistan Day.’ You really couldn’t make this stuff up, what an absolute betrayal by the worst of political party’s. How must our young white girls and their families feel seeing the treacherous Labour party hoist the flag of a foreign nation above the town hall. A foreign nation from which most of the groomers came from. It is absolutely sickening and if the British people were not so naive and apathetic they would be outside Simon Danczuk’ office demanding he leave office.

Katie Hopkins wrote: “Raising a Pakistani flag in Rochdale is not helping community cohesion. it is inflammatory. @SimonDanczuk you & your party disgust me.

She is also being investigated because of a tweet in which she said that Ed Miliband might put his wifes head in the oven and gas her for being the least liked oppositions wife. The Judeo-media were all over it, and have now turned it into an ‘anti-semitic’ episode with references to the ‘hollowcost’ and how Milibands family suffered blah blah.

It was the Labour party that denied there were problems of Muslim grooming gangs when Nationalists were trying to highlight the issue, they even tried to have them put in prison for ‘inciting racial hatred.’ It was the Labour party that betrayed every single white working class person in this country, it was the Labour party that failed thousands upon thousands of young white girls who have systematically been raped by Muslim grooming gangs that the LABOUR party let into the country.

When will the white working class people of Britain ever wake up to what Labour has done to this country? When will they ever realise that Labour does not represent the white working class people of this country. They are Cultural Marxist internationalists, Fabian Socialists, multiracialist one worlders  who do nothing in the interests of the white working class.

After what has gone on in places like Rochdale, Rotherham and around the country, I cannot understand why a single white working class Brit would ever consider voting for these parasites ever again. Take this so called MP for example, he is more concerned about how some Pakistanis might feel ‘racially’ insulted and so has gone like the little slug he is to the police to try and get a woman arrested for speaking the truth. He doesn’t care about the white girls groomed and raped, he doesn’t care if your daughter is next, he doesn’t care if your son is attacked and robbed by the enrichers and loses his life in the process. Thousands upon thousands of white girls abused by Pakistani Muslims and he raises the flag of their nation above the town hall in one of the towns where it happened? That is vomit inducing treachery of the worst kind.

He is a disgusting traitor.

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One thought on “Labour MP for Rochdale raises Pakistani flag over town hall and attempts to have woman arrested for ‘upsetting’ the Pakistani community.

  1. He is indeed a disgusting Traitor and possibly knows many of the local Pakistani community involved in these atrocities to our White Children. The entire Asain Community there are hiding these sick Peadophile groomer rapists.

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